Fortnite"s Season 4, week 1 is filled with Marvel-themed map changes, skins, and also challenges, consisting of three Storm"s Awakening challenges.

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Storm has actually several obstacles in Fortnite Season 4
Fortnite has pulled the end all the stop this season, altering the map and including skins to make whatever Marvel-themed. This ambitious crossover event will be on going through Epic plan even more Fortnite Marvel surprises. This consists of a selection of obstacles that should be perfect as details superheroes, consisting of emoting in the eye of the storm as Storm as part of the Storm"s Awakening challenges.

Storm-Themed Challenges

The Fortnite Marvel Storm difficulties are jointly called Storm"s Awakening. First, players will have to join a video game of fight Royale in the skin the the weather-controlling mutant, Storm. Then they will have to finish three challenges:

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ride Steamy Stacks in the Storm as Storm Emote together Storm in ~ the center of the Eye the the Storm

if the first two obstacles are pretty straightforward, the third might leave players drawing a blank. Yet not to worry, finding the facility of the storm as Storm is easy.

exactly how to Emote in the center of the Storm

Players have to start the game in the Storm skin, or else the difficulty cannot be completed. Although numerous of the other themed skins could be tempting, like the She-Hulk Jennifer Walters skin the players should smash vases with, Storm is a must-have for these challenges.

after ~ joining the game, find the Eye that the Storm and also move come it. The Eye will be in various locations for each new game, so football player will need to be on the lookout for it. As soon as inside the Eye that the Storm, football player will have to choose the Gale force emote indigenous the emote wheel. After ~ that, the third of Storm"s Awakening challenges will it is in complete. Now players can play Fortnite through their favorite Marvel superhero skin again.

how to find the Eye of the Storm

players just have to look because that the one on the map, and land in the an extremely center of it. This is very straightforward if they note the facility of the circle, giving a blue glowing line to point them in the correct direction. Once players land, they just need come emote to complete the an obstacle successfully. Here is a video clip of all three of the Storm"s Awakening obstacles to help out:

once players are done Storm"s Awakening, over there are numerous other challenges that they deserve to do, including the Groot"s Awakening challenges and also several various other heroes and also villains.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Switch, and also Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox series X execution in development.

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Source: FortniteInsider

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