The survivor that a Dec. 17 triple homicide and also the heritage of among the victims has actually filed a lawsuit against the owner of the casino where the occurrence occurred.

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This main Megan LeDeau, daughter of victim Cheryl Larsen, and also Timothy Edwards filed a civil suit in district court versus Taco act of great Falls and Trohn LLC, doing organization as Emerald City Casino alleging negligence and wrongful death.

On Dec. 17, 2019, Larsen, 53; Wendy yone Carlson, 60; and also Steve Mitchell Hale, 61, to be killed and identified by Cascade county Sheriff Jesse Slaughter.GFPD, various other agencies investigate triple homicide; Lincoln Elementary closeup of the door today as result of proximity that incident

The incident was investigated by the good Falls Police Department, commonwealth Bureau of Investigations, the U.S. Marshals Service, the Montana room of Justice’s division of Criminal Investigation and also the Cascade county Sheriff’s Office and also officials named Ricky Lee Gardipee, 41, of good Falls together the suspect in the homicide and also he was shot through deputy U.S. Marshals ~ above 26th Street South approximately 5:40 a.m. On Dec. 17.

The investigation has actually been completed and at this time, no criminal charges have been filed, Cascade County lawyer Josh Racki called The electric on April 28.

Racki claimed he is unable to relax the examination reports since a coroner’s inquest into the law enforcement shooting is quiet pending. It’s to be delayed due to COVID-19 and hasn’t been scheduled, however may take ar in late summer, Racki said.

According come the Montana room of Corrections, Gardipee additionally went through the complying with aliases: Billy Komeotis, Billy Lee Komeotis, Billy Lee Komeothis, Billy Komeotis and also Ricky Komeotis.

His criminal record, follow to DOC included convictions for robbery, assault on a tranquility officer, failure to it is registered as a violent offender, theft, criminal possession of attention drugs, forgery and also burglary.

Larsen, among the victims, was the end on link at the moment of the shooting, according to the county attorney’s office.

In the lawsuit, castle argue that Emerald City Casino failure to carry out adequate defense for customers; fail to have actually a protection guard available; failure to download and carry out panic buttons; failed to close or restrict access during hrs which space most usual for casino robberies and also other criminal activity, amongst other failings.

According come the lawsuit, Taco Treat own the property and has usual owners, employees, website and marketing the Emerald City Casino at 1701 10th Ave. S.

According come the lawsuit, Gardipee to be “allowed to enter” the casino about 1:45 a.m., and was “armed v a gun and intended come commit a robbery.”

In the suit, plaintiff’s allege the was to be greeted and led right into the casino by the casino attendant. “No security inspect or screening was conducted of Gardipee, and also he was no asked any type of questions prior to being enabled to go into the casino,” follow to the suit.

Shortly after ~ entering, follow to the lawsuit, Gardipee walked throughout the casino v a gun in hand to rob the casino and also patrons. During that time, follow to the suit, Gardipee “shot every the patrons and also workers in the casino, consisting of Cheryl Larsen. Plaintiff Timothy Edwards entered the casino after ~ Gardipee had currently shot three people and was actively robbing the patrons and casino. Shortly afterwards, Timothy Edwards was likewise shot and also robbed by Gardipee inside the premises.”

Larsen passed away inside the casino, according to the lawsuit and information exit by regulation enforcement at the time.

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Edwards to be shot in the head, according to the lawsuit. He had left the casino and also law enforcement officials found him at the hospital ~ the shooting, follow to law enforcement releases and briefings in December.