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Lagasse’s Stadium sporting activities Bar closes Permanently at Palazzo

A well-known sports bar and restaurant, Lagasse’s stadium at Palazzo, has shown it has closed permanently.

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The venue never reopened ~ it to be shut down, along with the remainder of las Vegas, in mid-March 2020, because of the COVID-19 crisis.

You mental COVID-19. Mommy Nature’s biggest wet blanket, probably ever.


Lagasse’s Stadium had 100 HD TVs, about five much more than the usual Las Vegas sporting activities bar. Photograph courtesy the The Venetian.

Lagasse’s Stadium opened up at Palazzo in 2009. That was among the couple of venues in las Vegas us can’t recall ever having visited, probably due to the hazard of being high-fived against our will.

Lagasse’s stadion was recognized as among the finest sports bars in las Vegas, however chances room the rent was simply too damned high provided the uncertainty roughly the COVID crisis.

It’s also difficult to do a huge sports venue at the moment when there aren’t many actual, friend know, sporting activities happening. No, golf isn’t a sport. Ditto UFC.

Licensing deals with celebrity chefs is popular in las Vegas, however those fees deserve to take a chunk out of the benefit for a casino resort.


Vegas is one third less Emeril.

For example, Gordon Ramsay’s resolve Caesars Entertainment gives the “Hell’s Kitchen” star five percent of pistol sales of his restaurants, as much as $10 million. Sales in the $10-15 million variety earn 5.5%, and also sales of more than $15 million result in a 6% cut. Emeril’s address Las las vegas Sands (owner the Venetian) is most likely similar.

There’s no word yet on what might replace Lagasse’s Stadium, or when.


This will win girlfriend a bar bet: That’s the Rialto Bridge.

Lagasse’s stadion was one of three Emeril Lagasse-branded restaurants on The Strip. The others space Delmonico Steakhouse at the Venetian and Emeril’s brand-new Orleans Fish home at MGM Grand. Lock don’t appear to be jeopardy.

If we might be done with all the poor news, that’d be great.

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charles murray July 21, 2020 at 1:51 pm

Thanks because that all your updates. Your a genuine PRO. I sure would like to try the Delmonico Steakhouse at part point. . I have actually been wondering about the irish Pub it is is in between LUXOR and also Mandalay only it sit on one area that has actually stores . Wonderful PLACE TO have FISH and also CHIPS. AND good IRISH MUSIC. And an excellent Beer.The company has been means off the charts Good.

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