Actress Emilia Clarke is finest known for she leading function on Game that Thrones as Daenerys Targaryen. Since the show started airing in 2011, she has gone from reasonably unknown actor to family name. While she has shared lot of of info with fans end the years, from behind-the-scenes anecdotes to photos v her co-stars, Clarke is now opening up about a far-reaching health crisis from she past. This is what she has revealed.

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Emilia Clarke | Theo Wargo/Getty photos for Huffington Post

Clarke has wanted to be an actress because she to be little

In an article she penned for the new Yorker, Clarke talked about growing increase in Oxford, England. She ended up being acquainted with the civilization of theater v her father, a sound designer. Clarke started by performing in school plays, despite she froze up during her very first performance.

As with many actors, there to be no straight route to fame. Clarke walk on to acquire her B.A. Indigenous Drama centre London, after which she to be committed to auditioning for duties “with promise.”

She to be surprised to gain the role of Daenerys

Clarke writes the in the feather of 2010, she was invite to audition because that Game of Thrones. One more actress had acted in the function in the pilot, but they were recasting. She walk her an initial audition in London and then auditioned because that creators David Benioff and also D. B. Weiss in Los Angeles.

Though she obviously finished up earning the role, Clarke to be surprised the they determined her, a self-described “short, dark-haired, curvy Brit” for a character who was defined to her together “an otherworldly, bleached-blond woman of mystery” and “a blend of Napoleon, Joan of Arc, and also Lawrence that Arabia.” but nevertheless, she was their choice.

Season 1 had not yet aired as soon as she had actually her very first surgery

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Game of Thrones Season 1 premiered top top April 17, 2011. Simply two months before that, in between finishing shooting and also beginning push for the premiere, Clarke writes the she was working out v a trainer frequently. The was during a session on Feb. 11 the she began to experience destructive pain and was taken to the hospital, wherein she learned she had had a brain aneurysm.

Clarke instantly had her first surgery in order come prevent more bleeding. After about a month, she had the ability to leave the hospital to carry out press because that Game the Thrones before heading back to collection to shooting Season 2.

Her second surgery come in 2013

Unfortunately, the very first surgery did not completely fix the problems in her brain — there was a smaller sized aneurysm that would ultimately need to be removed. She ongoing to work and gradually improved. However in 2013, while wrapping up a show on Broadway, a brain scan verified the remaining growth had acquired much much more significant, so they operated. That second surgery made way for an prompt third, which to be even an ext invasive.

This time around, she recovery was an ext difficult. The press recorded wind of her surgery, yet she denied it in ~ the time, choosing to keep it a secret until now. Today, she is doing very well, health-wise.

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What’s next after Game the Thrones?

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Though there’s still the epic last season of Game that Thrones left because that fans, Clarke has currently moved on from the show. Her film career has taken off over the last couple of years v romantic drama Me before You and her sci-fi rotate in Solo: A Star wars Story. Clarke’s romantic comedy Last Christmas is due the end in Nov. 2019, and also her thriller Above Suspicion will hopefully have a release day soon enough.