The actor additionally revealed during a current podcast appearance the she feel pressured to perform nude scene on the show—and that she credits Jason Momoa because that protecting her “in an environment where i didn’t understand I essential to be taken care of.”


Emilia Clarke has questioned Game that Thrones’ need for nudity before, yet in a current podcast appearance, she got an especially candid, explaining the push she felt not only during the show’s at an early stage days, but also on tasks she’s taken on because then. “I’ve had fights on collection before, wherein I’m like, ‘No, the sheet stays up,’ and they’re like, ‘You don’t wanna disappoint her Game the Thrones fans,’” Clarke said. “And i’m like, ‘Fuck you.’”

The discussion unfolded during Clarke’s appearance on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast, as IndieWire provided in a report Tuesday. Throughout the episode, i beg your pardon Shepard posted Monday, the two comment on the nature the nude scenes in Hollywood—a object Clarke said is fascinating to her, offered the method her career has arisen so far.

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“My adult life has been the show,” Clarke said, introduce to Thrones. “It’s been 10 year of the show. And also that’s my whole career for this reason far. And I have been law this in ~ the most fascinating and shifting times for that.” Shepard agreed with that assessment, noting, “If they walk the <Game of Thrones> pilot ideal now...” Clarke perfect the thought: “Very different situation. Very, very, really different situation.” especially in season one, she said, over there “was a posesthe ton of nudity.”

Clarke recalled receiving the initial scripts after she took her job on Game that Thrones, making note of the naked scenes and also thinking to herself, “Oh, there’s the catch.” But, she added, “I’d come new from drama school and also was like, ‘Approach this as a job.’” That expected working ~ above the assumption that the naked scenes to be in the manuscript for a reason, making feeling of them, and moving on. If making the an initial season, she recalled feeling as though she to be “floating through” it: “I have no idea what ns doing; I have actually no idea what any type of of this is.... I’ve to be on a film collection twice before then, and also now ns on a movie set, totally naked, with every one of these people—and ns don’t know what I’m supposed to do, and also I don’t understand what’s supposed of me, and also I don’t know what girlfriend want, and also I don’t understand what i want,” she said. “Regardless of even if it is there’d it is in nudity or not, i would have spent that first season thinking, I’m no worthy of requiring anything; I’m not worthy that needing anything in ~ all.”

Because that impostor syndrome and also the scale of the project, Clarke said, her mind-set would have basically been, “Whatever I’m emotion is wrong; i’m gonna walk cry in the bathroom, and also then ns gonna come earlier and we’re gonna perform the scene—it’s gonna be completely fine. However it was definitely hard.”

As IndieWire notes, Clarke has defended Game that Thrones’ use of nudity before. Yet she’s likewise been blunt about her feeling that the conversation of her job-related in Thrones has actually unfairly concentrated on the nude scenes, rather than she character work. Previously this year she revealed that was the factor she turned down Fifty Shades of Grey. “The critical time that i was naked on camera on <Game of Thrones> to be a long time ago, and also yet it is the just question the I ever get asked because I to be a woman,” she stated in May. “And the annoying together hell, and I’m sick and also tired that it, due to the fact that I walk it because that the character—I didn’t execute it for this reason some man could examine out my tits, for God’s sake.”

During she podcast appearance, Clarke listed that time have changed during her career. “Now things room very, very, an extremely different, and also I’m a lot more savvy about what ns comfortable with and what ns okay through doing,” she said.

One human Clarke unequivocally praised, however, was Jason Momoa. “He took care of me,” Clarke said. “He really, really—in an atmosphere where i didn’t know I essential to be taken care of.”

“It’s only now that i realize exactly how fortunate ns was v that,” Clarke added. “Because Jason had experience; he to be an proficient actor who had actually done a bunch of stuff prior to coming on to this. The was choose , ‘Sweetie, this is just how it’s intended to be, and also this is exactly how it’s not meant to be, and also I’m gonna make sure that it is the fucking case.’” She recalled moments throughout filming once Momoa would say points like, “Can we obtain her a fucking robe? can we gain her a goddamn robe? she’s shivering!” In short? “He to be so kind and also considerate and cared about me together a person being.”

Representatives because that HBO walk not automatically respond to V.F.’s inquiry for comment.

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