EMILIA Clarke has left video game of Thrones fans in tears ~ posting never-before-seen pics indigenous behind-the-scenes that the HBO show.

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The actress required to social media to celebrate together her co-star Iain Glen, that played Ser Jorah Mormont in the fantasy series, join Instagram yesterday.



Emilia, 34, that played Daenerys Targaryen in the show, shared a variety of photos the her and Iain, 60, with each other both on and off set.

Iain might be seen wearing a animal leather jacket with make-up on his face to do him show up bloodied and also bruised, when Emilia wore she blonde wig.

In a second shot, the pair cosied up together to shield indigenous the cold, with the actress in an overlapping furry coat and Iain smiling behind her.

Other breaks off collection saw Iain serenade Emilia v his guitar-playing skills, and in a fourth, they appeared to be in ~ a party alongside she co-star.

"The man. The myth. The LEGEND has JOINED INSTAGRAM," the Daenerys star captioned the photos, together a collection of love emojis.

"My hero and my overview for end a decade. You re welcome instaworld present this guy the love he deserves," she added, tagging Iain's brand-new account.

He walk on to share a behind-the-scenes snap of the pair together, as well, showing them both in complete costume because that the show's last series.

"Not just a excellent actress yet the loveliest and kindest that friends," he composed under the shot, which recorded them beaming from ear to ear.

Fans instantly flooded the comment to expose the write-ups had make them emotional, and also that they were in "tears" end the stars' friendship.

"Seeing you 2 together, your friendship and bond, still renders me melt," one woman kicked turn off the adoring comments.

"This entirely melted my heart," a second added, when a third simply wrote, alongside a series of sad-faced emojis: "CRYING!"

"I love girlfriend both for this reason much, you room both the best," a fourth said, while an additional concluded: "HELL correct! Welcome!"

It comes after the was found Emilia may have actually been looking for a famous partner — top top celebrity dating application Raya.

The 34-year-old, that played Daenerys Targaryen in the blockbuster fantasy series, collection up a profile v a batch of her selfies.

The elite app, “for the rich and also famous”, is invite only and also applicants need to then be authorized by the committee.

Emilia, who resides in London, was linked romantically come filmmaker Tom Turner critical summer.

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A source said: “Dating has actually been pretty hard in lockdown however some friends speak Emilia right into going ~ above Raya. She agreed to provide it a whirl.”

But another source added: “She newly deleted her profile together it’s no what she hope it would certainly be.”

Emilia started dating film director Charlie McDowell in 2018 however they split up the following year. Various other exes include James Franco and Seth MacFarlane.


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