Now that Emilia Clarke is no longer “married” come Game that Thrones, does that typical the Queen of dragons is totally free in genuine life? Signs allude to yes.

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The brother actress, 32, is no attached to anyone as much as us know. Clarke has never been married, so unless she’s keeping her love life top top the down-low, i beg your pardon is really likely, that way she has actually no romantic attachments.

Clarke is fastened in other ways, however. We’ll describe how she’s maintaining busy post Game the Thrones.

Did Emilia Clarke day Kit Harington?


Emilia Clarke | Christopher Polk/NBC/NBCU Photo financial institution via Getty Images

Gossip outlets frequently assume that due to the fact that actors room working together, the must median they’re additionally sleeping together. However, Clarke has said she has never been attached to co-star and also on-screen love attention Kit Harrington. There have actually been entire short articles like this one debunking those reports.

Speculation the Clarke was date Harrington ramped up approximately the time their characters started committing incest on Game of Thrones. However, Clarke was always insisted the her partnership with Harrington is much more brotherly than anything else. Stories that they room romantically connected “literally provides me want to cry, it’s so much from the truth,” she said Elle.

Harrington went the end of his method to make himself not attractive to Clarke. He would pretend come retch throughout their scenes, Variety reports, and also Clarke would tell him, “Oh, my God, mate. You’re no making this any easier!” Harrington confirmed this, saying, “I favor looking at her and also going, ‘Oh God, I’m sorry,"” before making retching sounds to the camera.

Did Emilia Clarke day Jason Mamoa?

If Clarke were attached come Jason Momoa, that would certainly be azer considering he and also his wife, actress Lisa Bonet, have been attached due to the fact that 2005, long before Game of Thrones premiered. However, Momoa has proactively supported his previous co-star come the allude of obtaining mad in ~ Dany’s fate on Game the Thrones, similar to many various other viewers.

Who has actually Emilia Clarke dated?

Most recently, the rumor mill was abuzz the Clarke was date Charlie McDowell, the son of actor Malcolm McDowell. The younger actor had previously dated Rooney Mara. However, McDowell unfollowed she on Instagram, for what it’s worth.

Besides Clarke has had much more pressing matters to worry about than dating. Earlier this year. Clarke told The new Yorker she struggled with life-threatening wellness issues, consisting of not one but two aneurysms, in 2011 and 2013. She said: “at specific points, I shed all expect … i felt choose a shell of myself. So much so that i now have actually a difficult time remembering those dark job in much detail.

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Mine mind has actually blocked castle out. But I carry out remember being persuaded that i wasn’t going come live.”