Emilia Clarke has reportedly been photographed by over-zealous fans during her nude step in the brand-new Broadway manufacturing of Breakfast at Tiffany"s.

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Clarke - who plays the legendary character Holly Golightly - is watched stepping right into a bubble bath throughout the play.

However, protection at the Cort Theatre has actually now been increased after audience members at the play"s debut ignored the "no photos" rule and also took pictures of Clarke"s naked figure on your phones, the New York Post reports.

The step takes place when the characters played through Clarke and her co-star Cory Michael Smith return to her apartment after riding horses.

A source claimed the this to be the minute that "titillated the audience" and also revealed the there to be a "huge random of pan of Game the Thrones" in attendance.

A spokesperson because that the show - i beg your pardon is currently in previews and opens march 20 - declined to discuss the reports.

Clarke has actually previously said Digital Spy that she finds few of the sex and also nudity top top Game that Thrones "tricky".

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