Double the fun! Bachelor alum Haley Ferguson can’t wait come celebrate she bridal occasions with twin sister Emily Ferguson now that they’re both engaged.

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“Emily and also I room conjoining ours bachelorette and bridal shower because we have actually the very same bridal parties,” Haley, 28, specifically told Us Weekly after ~ announcing she engagement come Oula Palve on Sunday, may 16. “We really just get to help each other out because that planning both!”

The twins, who contended for Ben Higgins‘ love on season 20 that the ABC series in 2016, have also decided to usage the same wedding planner, Tory Cooper, for your individual ceremonies.


Haley and also Emily Ferguson. Shutterstock

“Luckily, us both have various styles that weddings us like, so us will be able to incorporate our very own touch,” Haley said, noting that Emily, that got involved to William Karlsson in December 2020, “is front of me top top the wedding planning.”

The “Twinning in ~ Life” podcast cohost said Us the she’s “so thrilled” the she and Emily, additionally 28, get to re-superstructure “this component of our stays together.” She added, “How funny to be engaged about the very same time and plan a wedding!”

The sisters, who additionally competed on seasons 3 and 4 the Bachelor in Paradise prior to starring top top their own show, The Twins: Happily ever After?, aren’t planning a TV comeback between their double wedding plans, however.

“We had actually so lot fun top top The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise but for currently we are enjoying life simply sharing our life on our podcast, ‘Twinning at Life,’ and Instagram,” Haley said.

The Nevada indigenous shared photos native her may 13 proposal via Instagram on Sunday, revealing that the hockey player, 29, popped the concern at one of their possible wedding venues.

“This wedding venue to be one I’ve been eyeing for a when now,” Haley said, noting the pair have decided on summer of 2022 for your nuptials. “It’s not 100 percent sure that we will gain married at that venue but it’s absolutely in the running!”


Oula Palve and Haley Ferguson. Courtesy Haley Ferguson/Instagram

Haley said Us she dropped for the Finnish athlete early in your relationship, which started in October 2019. The couple became Instagram main in January 2020 after ~ she invested the holidays with Palve in new York City the month prior.

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“I knew that pilgrimage he was the kind of guy you marry,” she said. “He was so kind and also thoughtful, and I just acquired to know who that was as a person.”

Emily and fiancé Karlsson, top top the other hand, go public with their relationship in January 2018. Virtually three year later, the sweden hockey player, 28, suggest in Emily’s hometown of las Vegas.

“I said YES! I gain to marry the male of mine dreams❤️