Whenever a TV display with one unmarried male and also female lead comes out, the central question neighboring the pair becomes “Will lock or won’t they?” among the key examples that this was Moonlighting, through Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. Come this day, an urban legend persists the the show passed away once the two slept together.

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Things never ever rose to rather that level ~ above Bones, the crime procedural that lasted because that 12 seasons on Fox, however some world still wonder if stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz ever before dated. The short answer is no, but he did to visit his Bones co-star’s real-life wedding.

Who is Emily Deschanel?


Emily Deschanel | Patrick McElhenney/FOX

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Many world know the Emily Deschanel is the sister of Zooey Deschanel, the actress-singer recognized for, amongst other things, (500) job of Summer, brand-new Girl, and also She & him — the musical duo she fronts with M. Ward. However, your father is famous for his behind the scene work. Caleb Deschanel is a cinematographer who shot The black Stallion, The enthusiasm of the Christ, and also last year’s CGI variation of The Lion King.

Deschanel played the title character that Bones, AKA Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist who teamed up through Boreanaz’s FBI certified dealer Seeley Booth to solve crimes. Top top the show, your characters began a romantic connection in season 6. They later marry and have 2 children.

But the actors never hooked up in genuine life. She married David Hornsby in 2010, while that married Jaime Bergman in 2001.

Deschanel said The Hollywood Reporter: “I thought around all the that and also I yes, really responded to the script, and also then i met David Boreanaz. He currently had the part when ns auditioned because that it. Ns remember thinking, Oh, this can last us 3 years. That would certainly be the longest I might ever in a million year imagine that it might ever last. And also then it preserved going and also going and also it was a many fun, through some good people. Ns look earlier with such fondness.”

Who is David Boreanaz?

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Boreanaz introduced to call via Buffy the Vampire Slayer, wherein he play an investigator rotate vampire. His character acquired his very own spinoff Angel, however with Buffy lasting seven seasons and also Angel five, Bones actually ended up outliving both of them.

Indeed, Boreanaz to be so surprised by the show’s longevity, that according come Screen Rant, he tweeted in 2012 that the present would no be back. Deschanel was even less optimistic, having actually thought that present would end after three seasons. Bones ended up lasting four seasons after Boreanaz’s premature birth tweet.

When the present finally did finish in 2017, Boreanaz stated of his co-star: “For me, it’s always been around the camaraderie and the crew and also being maybe to work-related with beautiful co-star. She’s given me so lot love and support the it made it basic from job one.”

What do the ‘Bones’ stars really think of each other?

That tells you what type of partnership the Bones leads had. They might not have actually dated or been married to each various other in real life, yet they had actually a bond the was more intense than that of countless actor co-workers.

After the show ended, Deschanel called The Hollywood Reporter: “We spent more time with each various other than we did through our very own spouses — through anybody else, really — and we completely acknowledged the we would drive each various other crazy. We offered each other permission come walk away at different times, or simply say ‘you’re yes, really bothering me appropriate now, or ‘you’re annoying me, I have to acquire away indigenous you."” In other words, they weren’t really a married couple, yet at time they quiet operated choose one.

Deschanel has been fairly inactive lately, many recently having a recurring role on the TNT series Animal Kingdom.

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due to the fact that 2017, Boreanaz has actually led the cast and directed illustration of the CBS collection SEAL Team. The two reprised their Bones characters on American Dad and Sleepy Hollow.