Another celeb simply joined Kim Kardashian in the fight because that her appropriate to publicly love her body. In a recently posted Instagram, Kim joins pressures with model and actress Emily Ratajkowski to shut under the haters and also kill it in ~ the same time.

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“We are much more than just our bodies, yet that doesn't average we have to be shamed because that them or ours sexuality. #liberated,” Emily composed in her caption. Kim added her own, calling earlier to the initial selfie that damaged the world’s joke: “When we're like...we both have nothing come wear LOL”

In a series of accompanying tweets, Emily expanded on the idea behind the topless twin bathroom selfie, writing, “However sex-related our bodies may be, we require to have actually the liberty as females to choose when & how we express our sexuality. Also if being sexualized by society's gaze is demeaning, there should be a space where women have the right to still it is in sexual when they pick to be.”

Emily is no stranger come the struggle for open sexuality and also gender equality. After virtually a decade of occupational in TV and modeling, her career gained a giant boost when she starred in the controversial music video for “Blurred Lines." she’s been actively fighting versus slut-shaming ever since, and also tweeted immediate support in the type of her own semi-nude photo for Kim ~ the original black bar selfie. Kim comment by sending her flowers, which eventually led to your bathroom meet-up.

We’re loving the continuous stream of assistance for women who select to do whatever they want v their bodies, in every type it takes. We’re always far better off sustaining each other, finding out from each other, and also giving each various other the space we all have to be specifically who we want to be. This is to more and much more #liberation, in whatever form it method for anyone who desires it. Empowerment is a personal thing, and that have the right to mean celebrating yourself by covering up or reflecting some skin.

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And till women all over start calling out the assorted male celebrities on social media for flaunting your shirtless torsos, we're going come let Kim and Emily have actually their black color bars. (Though we don't necessarily recommend you shot it at home.)

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