The Revenge stars surprised fans with the interesting baby news as they formerly kept the pregnancy private



On Thursday, the actress, 35, revealed on Instagram the she and also husband mockery Bowman welcomed their very first child together, a daughter called Iris.

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VanCamp announced the exciting news together a black-and-white photo of her infant girl's hand wrapped about her finger. She also posted two photos from she pregnancy, i m sorry she formerly kept private.

"Welcome to the human being our sweet little Iris 💐 ours hearts are full 💗," VanCamp writes.

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VanCamp and Bowman, 33, met while working on the abc drama Revenge, which ran indigenous 2011-15. They started dating in 2011 and also married in 2018.

Back in April, VanCamp spoke through around having expanded time at residence with she husband during the lockdown over the last year.




"I was coming turn off of law two work at the same time — ns was doing The Falcon and also Winter Soldier and The Resident, type of burn the candle in ~ both ends," VanCamp said "So the start was an extremely welcome. I was like, 'Okay, i actually acquire to simply sleep because that a bit,' which was amazing. Just being may be to gain the quiet, reap my husband and also my dog, enjoy being home, points that ns hadn't had for a really long time. I did not take that for granted in ~ all. I loved every second of it."

The Falcon and also the Winter Soldier star said she and British actor bowman learned new things within the previous year the they appreciate about each other.

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"I don't think we'd ever before spent that much time together ever in 10 year we've to be together. We definitely discovered what it's like to simply be together all the time, great and bad," VanCamp said with a laugh. "I think it placed a many relationships come the test and I think we're really lucky, we favor each various other a lot."

VanCamp, who along with Bowman largely keep their connection private, stated she appreciates she husband's patience and positivity.

"I often tend to it is in a tiny bit more on the broody side, a little bit much more pensive and also I don't know, much more of the realist," she said. "He's an ext of an idealist. It's an extremely nice to have that as a balance. I was very lucky to have such a confident person approximately all the time."

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