Eminem has responded to Nick Cannon’s diss track “The Invitation,” and Twitter is already burying the “Wild ‘N Out” host.

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On Monday, Cannon and also his collaborators, which contained Suge Knight, come at Marshall Mathers v a battle-rap song attempting to placed Slim Shady in his place. The did no go over well.

After social media users had actually their fun through the attempt, Eminem himself had actually something come say. Though Mathers’ early stage comeback wasn’t even in song form, it was much more than enough to get #ripnickcannon trending by Tuesday morning.

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“U mad bro? stop lying on my d—,” Eminem wrote. “I never also had a chauffeur, you bougie f—.”

U foolish bro? protect against lying on mine dick. Ns never even had a chauffeur, you bougie f*ck.????

— Marshall Mathers (
Eminem) December 10, 2019

That was a referral to the following Cannon heat from “The Invitation”:

I heard your chauffeur obtained a video clip of girlfriend suckin’ a c–You payment him off, then laid him off, now who yes, really the opp?

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Doesn’t seem choose Mathers is too involved with the attack. He adhered to that tweet up through a joke: “I need an apology Nicholas, you’ve made my gardener for this reason jealous!”

I need an apology Nicholas, you've made my gardener for this reason jealous!

— Marshall Mathers (
Eminem) December 10, 2019

Beef between Mathers and Cannon’s ex-wife Mariah Carey goes back a complete decade. Acquire a hip-hop background lesson — and the audio for “The Invitation” — here.

12 Hip-Hop Beefs Ranked, Wack to Best: from Drake v Meek Mill come Biggie v Tupac (Photos)


Iggy Azalea vs. Azealia Banks

The fight of the Azaleas began in 2012, when banks called out XXL magazine because that placing Iggy on its "Freshman" cover after she spit lyrics like "runway servant master" on one of her tracks.

In 2014, financial institutions called out Iggy for being rapid to proper black society while staying silent walk it concerns black issues -- favor the police shooting of Mike Brown. She also called she "Igloo Australia."

Iggy hit ago with a Twitter rant, call Banks "poisonous" and blaming her absence of success on she "piss poor attitude."

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The Roxanne Wars

WBLS D.J. Mr. Magic made U.T.F.O."s "Roxanne, Roxanne" a hit, but When the group bailed on a thank-you figure on his radio show, the Marley Marl-backed Juice Crew reduced a diss track in response, featuring teenager Lolita Gooden under the moniker Roxanne Shanté. 

U.T.F.O. Responded to Shanté"s diss, which opened the flood gates for any type of Roxanne, Rox and also Roxy to acquire in top top the feud, which they did, with a variety of unauthorized responses through acts like Sparky D, Ralph Rolle and Dr. Freshh.

Getty Images

Lil" Kim vs. Foxy Brown

Lil" Kim and Foxy Brown"s careers take it off about the same time, fueling rumors that there were tensions between the two -- especially once their debut albums were booked for release a week apart.

Then Kim placed out "Notorious K.I.M.," on which she took implicit shots in ~ Foxy, that then fired back with some lines of her own. The beef eventually took a violent turn as soon as shots rang out as Kim left Hot 97"s studios following a run-in in between her entourage and Capone from Capone-N-Noreaga. That was believed to have actually been related to Foxy"s text in the CNN song "Bang, Bang."

Getty Images

Jay-Z vs. Nas

With the death of notorious BIG, Nas had rose to the optimal of the rap chain. Yet after a couple of flop albums the made means for Jay-Z to come to be the new King of Rap, nursing a beef that remained mainly subliminal until Hova released an main diss track title "The Takeover" in 2001. ~ above it, that said Nas "went from Nasty Nas to Esco"s trash"and rapped, "Ask Nas, that don"t desire it v Hov."

Then all hell broke loose because Nas absolutely did desire it through Jay-Z, releasing "Ether," which assaulted HOVA"s street cred and more. As the two optimal rap artists at the time, Nas and Jay-Z were basically embroiled in a power battle for hip-hop supremacy, but now the two room besties -- kinda.

Getty Images

Tupac v. B.I.G.

The feud that defined the east Coast–West shore rap rivalry. The two were apparently on an excellent terms till Tupac obtained shot and also robbed in a Manhattan record studio. Pac presume Biggie was behind that all, specifically after he exit a track titled "Who shoot Ya?" 

The West coastline rapper came earlier with plenty of diss tracks including "Hit "Em Up," which take it shots at B.I.G. Biggie never came earlier with one "official" retaliation record, but the anxiety still continued.

Their beef technically finished when Tupac to be fatally shoot in a drive-by in Vegas. Much less than a year later, Biggie was leaving a soul Train Music Awards ~ party once he was also fatally shooting in a drive-by. There room multiple theories surrounding the 2 iconic rappers" deaths, including Biggie"s involvement in Tupac"s murder.


MC Shan v. KRS-One

But the initial East–West rivalry took place between the Bronx and Queens. "The bridge Wars" damaged out once Marley Marl and also MC Shan released a track titled "The Bridge," i m sorry implied that hip-hop started in Queensbridge.

KRS-One bristled in ~ the notion, so he placed out "South Bronx," in which that took shots in ~ MC Shan and also praised the southern Bronx. Though the feud started in 1985, diss monitor continued well into 2001. The beef officially concerned an end when KRS-One and also Marley Marl collaborated ~ above the "Hip Hop Lives" album in 2007.

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Feuds have come to be something the a tradition in the genre, however while some will go down in history others were simply wack

In irradiate of the genre"s many recent small feud between The Game and also Meek Mill, priziv.org looks back at hip-hop"s best and worst historic beefs.

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