1 Kim

When a track starts through the lines, "I was born with a d**k in mine brain, yeah f****d in the head," you know it"s not going to it is in a satisfied listening experience. I can"t also write the lyrics that immediately come ~ those lines because it would just reason my comment to obtain banned.

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This track is just sick. Eminem went way overboard on this song. I typical it"s fantasy that Eminem gift molested through his dad together a kid.

This song glorifies pedophilia. Serious eminem you do Tyga look choose Jesus

This may be messed up yet admit it, this tune is great!

3 "97 Bonnie and also Clyde

Has to be the worst. He takes his infant child to dispose of the mother body.

This songs basically about what taken place after Kim.

4 Fack

Rip Eminem"s pets gerbil. Died up his ass through a tube.

This track is just gross.

Gross just gross.

5 Kill You

Its no really the bad. He simply says that if you f with shady, he will certainly f"ing kill you

This tune is pretty violent.

6 3 A.M.

It"s basically around Em killing people while top top drugs.

7 Buffalo Bill

Disturbing... Simply disturbing. The pretty lot raps together the murderer native the quiet of the lambs and really casually and graphically talks about murdering, dismembering, skinning, and also terrorizing female victims. He then talks in the chorus about skinning and wearing the skins of the young girl he kills. He also talks around a pit where he litter the dismembered body parts and also about hiding the bodies in the walls. I personally think this tune is worse than fack personally since fack is just weirdly sex-related this song is prefer murderously graphic so it takes the cake for me.

Great song, however definitely one of the many messed up. Method more messed up 보다 "Kill You"

8 My Darling

From this list, I favored this song the least. However why is Stan here? It"s among his finest songs, it"s a masterpiece.

Em has a conversation v the evil one in this song.

10 Stay wide Awake

Not only is the subject of the tune disturbing, however the method Eminem provides you visualize the is horrifying and also brilliant all in one.Think around this though: when he"s telling the story the raping a women in the 2nd verse, the rhymes every indigenous of every line...all when making you visualize it decision clear.Yes, Kim is his many messed up song, however this have to at the very least be top 5

This tune will it is in the soundtrack of my nightmares, especially that umbrella part...

This dong will be the soundtrack of my nightmares, particularly that umbrella part...

Even if this track is messed up, i still like it.

11 Criminal

Love all these songs and also their just jokes geez you human being need to calm down

12 Amityville

This is one messed up song.

13 Stan

Why would someone put stan up? The moral and story the the song is amazing, it"s describing the you don"t realize something until it"s unable to do which is a substantial life lesson, and the really lyrics and the way he transforms his voice to it is adapted to different personalities shows how it"s actually among his best songs..

I love this tune too, and also I understand it"s Eminem"s ideal song. Yet I still think Stan"s mental is messed up. I don"t really understand if the tune is messed up.

Who placed Stan in this list? This song is lyrically among his best. You human being know nothing around real music.

Em tells a story around a crazed fan who kill himself and also his pregnant wife.

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14 Same song & Dance

The lyrics room so disturbing; they have the right to only come indigenous a scarred person. Slim kidnaps a girl called Tanya, who is not his first kidnapped. He mistakes she struggling because that dancing, and her screams and also sobbing for singing. The puts she to sleep and also starts planning to do a coat out of she skin.