All in the family! Eric Roberts revealed he definitely sees the resemblance between his sister Julia Roberts and his daughter, Emma Roberts.

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“They look so much alike that i love the images of them as soon as they’re side-by-side,” Eric, 64, told Us Weekly exclusively, while cultivating his stepdaughter Morgan Simons’ Pi BakeShop and stepson Keaton Simons‘ music career. “They’re both together Robertses. Girlfriend know?”

The Dark Knight actor defined that the duo’s close partnership is something he can’t get sufficient of.


Eric Roberts, Julia Roberts, and Emma Roberts. Shutterstock (3)

“It’s yes, really cool to look in ~ them,” Eric said. “I love see them together.”

Although the is close to both Emma, 29, and Julia, 58, Eric revealed that he hasn’t talked to the Runaway Bride star “in weeks” following the coronavirus pandemic. His wife, Eliza Roberts, however, keeps in constant contact through her.

“My wife and also she speak every day. They’re on the email,” the Runaway Train actor explained. “They talk and also I recognize what’s walk on through her.”


Emma Roberts and also Julia Roberts Courtesy the Emma Roberts/Instagram

Eliza, 67, called Us about her friendship through her sister-in-law, noting the Julia has always been “incredibly donate of the kids and also that way everything.” Eliza has actually two children from a previous marriage, Morgan and also Keaton, while Eric share daughter Emma v ex Kelly Cunningham.

“They have actually a beautiful relationship,” Eliza said of Julia and her musician son, 41, that was top top tour with Brett Young prior to coronavirus postponements. She defined that it was the Ocean’s Eleven star’s support of Keaton that brought about his figure on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2013.

“She was crucial in getting him ~ above Ellen. Ellen wouldn’t placed anybody on that she doesn’t love,” the spreading director continued. “That door acquired opened .”

Eliza defined that the Pretty Woman actress has also stepped up and also ordered food from her daughter “who’s a full-charged caterer and also chef.”

“That’s a really huge deal. It is really, yes, really special,” the Animal House actress said Us. “Because there’s civilization who don’t perform that. They nothing act ~ above the things that lock passionate about, yet she does. I love her for that so much.”

Eric reiterated his wife’s statements saying, “We all assistance each other.”

“It’s family. You understand what family’s like. There’s a unique bond,” Eliza added. “It have the right to be an extremely mixed and sometimes it’s someone that you could not it is in friends with, but you feel something about them.”


Eric Roberts

In enhancement to Julia’s continued support of their kids, Eric and Eliza room doing their part to encourage Morgan’s dessert company, Pi BakeShop in L.A. And also streaming Keaton’s music, while “keeping increase a really confident attitude” throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

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“Everybody’s having issues around groceries, other than me, due to the fact that I have actually an in,” Eric stated of his quarantine setup. “I have actually a cheat. I have, operation by stepdaughter owned by mine stepdaughter and also I speak to her for food. So it’s fantastic.”

He added: “You can not beat it, particularly for pies. Yet for anything.”

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