For the best? Evan Peters was in a an extremely toxic relationship with Emma Roberts before finding love through Halsey, a resource exclusively tells Us Weekly.

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“Evan to be so in love with Emma and also their connection became an extremely toxic,” the insider revealed earlier this month. “They had actually the highest highs and then would not speak because that days. He take it a lengthy time of figuring himself the end again prior to he was all set to date.”

Peters, 32, has moved on with singer Halsey, 25. The new couple were spotted pack on the PDA in Sherman Oaks on Sunday, October 20.


Evan Peters, Emma Roberts, and also Halsey. Shutterstock (3)

“Halsey and also Evan to be at Sweet Butter coffee shop in Sherman Oaks,” an insider told Us ~ above Wednesday, October 23. “They certainly looked like a couple. They to be eating together and also Halsey to be laughing throughout their lunch. As soon as they walked out of the restaurant they were hugging each other.”

The Pose alum’s new relationship is approved by his near pals. “Evan’s friend really choose Halsey and think they space the perfect duo,” the source told Us.

Peters and also Roberts, 28, met top top the collection of the comedy-drama movie Adult World in 2012 and went on to costar in numerous seasons that American fear Story. In 2013, the Scream Queens alum was arrested on domestic violence charges complying with a fight the left Peters through a bloody nose.

After the incident, the actors’ reps said Us in a joint statement: “It was an regrettably incident and also misunderstanding. Ms. Roberts to be released after questioning and the couple are working together to relocate past it.”

A resource told Us at the moment that, “Emma is very dramatic,” and also the instance went “way the end of control.”

In October 2017, the pair encountered another bump in the road when a source confirmed to Us the Roberts played a duty in the separation of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen. According to the insider, Bilson, 38, uncovered text message that persuaded her Christensen, 38, was having an inappropriate partnership with Roberts. Christensen and Roberts costarred together in the romantic comedy Little Italy. However, a source told Us at the moment that Peters and Roberts to be “still really much together” regardless of the incident.

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Emma Roberts and Evan Peters to visit Critics’ selection Awards top top January 11, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Us damaged the news in March the Peters and Roberts had finished their engagement. “Emma and also Evan to be heading for a split and also now are just friends,” a source told Us at the time. “Evan has moved out. It wasn’t a bad breakup.”

Roberts, for her part, is now dating gibbs Garrett Hedlund.

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