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Emma Slater and also Sasha Farber room beyondexcited to contend for the mirrorball trophy again, yet admit things room going to be a lot various this season!

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the married Dancing through the Stars pair -- together with fellow pros Jenna Johnsonand Val Chmerkovskiy and Daniella Karagach and Pasha Pashkov -- space being asked to live apart throughout the duration of production for season 29. ET spoke with Emma and Sasha just hours after Monday"s main pro announcement, whereby they candidly questioned how castle feel about all the new safety procedures, Tyra financial institutions stepping in together host and more.

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"Everybody requirements this ideal now. It"s together an uplifting show and we"re so exceptionally proud come be component of it," Emma told ET. "But it"s for this reason funny. Once our amazingproducers said us, "OK, so we have some news because that you, you"re walk to need to be quarantined separately," ns laughed. Ns was nervous, therefore I simply started laughing. However we involved the executive, management decision the I would be the one relocating out because..."

"She would certainly burn the residence down. All my flowers would die, the dog would certainly die, the home would it is in a mess," Sasha joked. "But it"s really necessary to do these things and it"s an excellent that producers thought of this. There"s lots of things continue -- masks, society distancing -- and also this is one means of making certain that everyone"s safe, solid and the show goes on. Since we need this show!"

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Emma said that in all seriousness, however, it is going to it is in "really weird and really hard" not being able to see her husband every day. The two tied the node in march 2018and have been living together ever since.

"Normally, during a many Dancing with the Stars seasons, one of two people I"m traveling or he"s traveling, but we still get to watch each various other on Sunday or Monday," she explained. "This time wewill, but it could just be from throughout the ballroom."

"He does stress me out a little bit... However it"s going come behard since we are ideal friends," she continued. "I recognize that we"re walk tohave each various other on rate dial every the time. Even living together appropriate now, gift in every other"sfaces 24 hours, we still control to call and text each other a lot. It"s yes, really weird."

Sasha and also Emma shown to ET that they"ll be life apart for but long they do it in the competition. Emma also told united state that the temporary relocate is happening genuine soon; together in, she"s leavingthis Thursday!

As for just how rehearsals will work, the two explained what behind-the-scenes alters fans deserve to expect to seewhen the present returns next month.

"Somuch the the display is justhuman connection and also interaction. Yet now as soon as we rehearse throughout the week, us can"t enter each other"s rooms. Us usually do this "show and also tell" where we sit down and watch each other perform, provide each other notes," Emma explained. "Now us can"t have that, but it"s walk to be different because the cameras room going to be in the room through us the whole time. Like, you and also your companion are walking to have everything recorded, and also I think the things that are going to come out of that are going to it is in hilarious."

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Sasha chimed in, telling ET the he thinks some of thechanges producers have actually planned because that this season may also stick approximately after the pandemic is over.

"They"re quite cool . There"sso many little things in the mix that space full-on video game changers. When we heard them we were like, "Oh, why didn"t we execute this before? This is walk to it is in epic,"" the teased. "Unfortunately we can"t say also much, however they"ve really found the finest formula for this display to happen. I think this is absolutely going to up the show, definitely up the dancing and also the effects. And also definitely make human being want to clock it come see, like, "Oh, wow, that"s how that happened."

"We"re going come make background this season," Emma added. "I think it"s going come be different in how we dance through our partners, too. Room we going to execute closed call a lot of the time? There was a discussion, like, is that going to readjust the method we think around dancing? It"s going come be really creative, keep us on ours toes and there"s going to be some fresh new looks."

Plus, through even much more pros this season,fans can definitely expecteveryone to it is in on their A-game. Sharna citizen will it is in making her highly anticipated go back to the ballroom, if Britt Stewart and Daniella Karagach will contend with celebrity partners because that the very first time.

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"We"ve gained some tremendous pros this season. Shout-out to Daniella, and massive scream to Britt Stewart. Woot, woot!" Slater exclaimed. "Everyone"s walk to it is in trying really difficult to simply pull out the stops, and I think it"s going come be yes, really unique. And also I"m hearing the the celeb actors is going to be phenomenal."

Not to mention, v Tyra on plank as organize (following Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews" exits this season), the energy in the ballroom is sure to be "next level."

"Oh mine gosh, I"m together a fan!" Emma raved. "She"s so exceptionally well-known, talented and beautiful. She"s Tyra, you know? We have actually never met her but I think she"s walking to bring this extremely high-class energy."

"We"re in reality going to be conference her in a online tea party in a couple hours," Sasha added. "So we"re all yes, really excited! She"s got large shoes come fill but she"s going to carry out an amazing job."

Dancing with the Stars return Monday, Sept. 14 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. In the meantime, tune into Entertainment this evening on Tuesday for an ext from Sasha and Emma"s interview.