Andrew Garfield and also Emma Stone. Joel Ryan/Invision/AP/ShutterstockGrateful for the experience. Despite Andrew Garfield’s tenure together Peter Parker to be short-lived, the English actor reflect on his “beautiful” memories from his time on The impressive Spider-Man sets.

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“It was just beautiful,” the Tick, Tick…Boom! star, 38, told Variety in one interview released on Wednesday, September 8. “I got to accomplish Emma and work v her and also Sally Field.”

Stone, 32, who played Garfield’s onscreen love interest in the flick went on to come to be his love interest in genuine life too, as the pair dated for four years prior to their break-up in October 2015.

Despite their breakup, the pair remained supportive that one one more over the years.

“We care around each other so much, and also that’s a given, that’s type of this unconditional thing,” Garfield previously said on Vanity Fair’s “Little gold Men” podcast in January 2017. “There’s so lot love between us and also so lot respect. … ns her greatest fan as an artist. So for me, it’s been bliss to have the ability to watch her success and watch she bloom right into the actress the she is. And also it’s been wonderful to have that sort of assistance for every other.”

While speaking with Variety, the Eyes that Tammy Faye star likewise reflected on working with several of his other costars during the superhero films.

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Andrew Garfield and also Emma stone in ‘The amazing Spider-Man 2.’ Columbia/Kobal/Shutterstock

“I had actually karma through Amy Pascal, that was a mother figure, and also we would fight, but ultimately, we loved each various other on a deep level,” he detailed during the interview. “We tried to fulfill as much in the middle as we could in regards to why I wanted to do this role, and also what her needs were as the head that the studio.”

After showing Spider-Man for two feature films in 2012 and also 2014, respectively, Tom Holland ended up being the following actor to take over the mantle of the web-slinging hero. Regardless of much fan speculation the Garfield or his spidey predecessor, Tobey Maguire, would certainly make cameos in Holland’s upcoming Marvel flick, the Social Network actor shooting those rumors down during the interview.

“I understand why civilization are freaking out about the concept of that due to the fact that I’m a fan as well,” the told the outlet. “You can’t aid but imagine scenes and moments of ‘Oh, my God, just how f—king cool would certainly it be if they walk that?’ yet it’s vital for me come say ~ above the record that this is not something I’m mindful I am involved in. Yet I understand I’m not going to be able to say noþeles that will certainly convince anyone that ns don’t recognize what’s happening. No matter what ns say, i’m f—ked. It’s one of two people going to be yes, really disappointing for human being or that going come be yes, really exciting.”

The Hacksaw Ridge actor previously opened up about taking ~ above the function of the teenaged superhero in the movies, likening the character to among a “modern myth.”

“I’d been analysis the mythologists, Joseph Campbell and also James Hillman,” Garfield told The Guardian in December 2016. “And when I take it on Spider-Man, i thought, ‘Holy s—t! This is exquisite and terrifying and also incredible. I have been given the responsibility of reaching my hand the end from the large screen and also putting the on shoulders. That is a gift because that me and also a big burden come carry. And I’m so up for it.’”

He added at the time, “I thought, if I have the right to infuse every this old knowledge and also wisdom right into , it might be profoundly affecting for young people in the audience. The was always my intention and also what i tried come do.” that laughs. Wasn’t that naive? “Yes, the course! i was 25 and also I was naive – not due to the fact that of that, but since I to be naive to the whole procedure of making one of those big-budget films.”

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