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Are Emma rock and Andrew Garfield back together? “Page Six” reported that the two were spotted “looking really much favor a couple” in ~ Dell’anima in the West village last week. Garfield and stone dated on and off for 3 years prior to officially break up in 2015, but at dinner, “they were talking and also sitting really close,” a resource told “Page Six.” “They were laughing and smiling. Lock both seemed happy.”

Laughing and smiling: the sounds prefer romance come me. In a People report around the exact same reunion dinner, a source said rock and Garfield “never stopped caring about each other,” and that “even once they split, Emma and also Andrew had great love and respect because that each other.”

The two have both been functioning in brand-new York — stone has to be filming the Netflix series Maniac, and also Garfield is starring in Angels in America on Broadway — for this reason it would certainly be simple to invest time together. Yet let’s recap Stone’s last couple of months that dating, to view if a reunion is even possible. Most recently, she to be seeing SNL segment producer Dave McCary, despite they haven’t to be photographed together because February. And also earlier this month, she to be spotted hanging out with Justin Theroux a lot. (The two reportedly left Rihanna’s Met Gala after-party together.) If rock and Garfield are ago together, she cut McCary and also Theroux the end pretty quickly.

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Later in the work on Monday, Affleck ran into cut favorite and former Hills star Spencer Pratt. Pratt acquired him come smile!

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starstruck playa

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spencerpratt) on may 28, 2018 at 10:06am PDT

Celebrity dad Bradley Cooper was likewise out and about during the vacation weekend. Right here he is high-fiving his 1-year-old daughter Lea de Seine in ~ a park near the West Village.


Finally, I’ll leaving you through this photograph of Hugh Grant’s newly got wedding ring. The 57-year-old married swedish TV producer Anna Eberstein this past weekend in a polite ceremony in London. Eberstein is the mother of 3 of his young children; he has two an ext with his ex-girlfriend Tinglan Hong. (For further information about Grant’s busy residential life, see here.) Congrats to the happy couple, and to Grant, in particular, on his brand-new jewelry.

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