Jennifer Lawrence do her first major mark in Hollywood in 2010 with her Oscar-nominated power in Winter’s Bone. In the years since, she’s assembled an enviable list of an effective female friends.

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The Oscar winner, 28, many recently showed off she friendship v Adele as soon as the 2 dropped through a happy bar in new York City and hilariously participated in a video game of music shots.

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But the actress has a long background of hanging out with other A-List ladies and also having a ball. She opened up up about the friendships in she life because that Glamour in 2016, as soon as she summarized what she loved most around them.

“I love Emma . She crack me up; she’s so ‘theater.’ She’s therefore adorable. And also Adele and also I met, like, a year or therefore ago. Adele and I space a little bit harsher; Emma’s never had actually a poor thought about anybody in her life. It’s so weird; i don’t like new However these two women – and Amy – they’re really lovely,” she said.

“And they’re therefore normal. Ns feel prefer I’m hanging out v my friends – mine friends the don’t provide a f- about what i do.”



The bond between Lawrence and Adele, 30, stretches ago to 2013, once the pair first met in ~ the Academy Awards.

The night was a large one for Lawrence, as she winner the trophy for finest Actress in Silver Linings Playbook — yet she fondly remembered the for various other reasons in one essay she composed for Adele’s entry in Time magazine’s 100 many Influential world issue in 2016.

“I psychic sneaking backstage while she carry out ‘Skyfall,’ trying come squeeze a round gown past a heap of ropes and cables simply to get a little closer. Check out her from one more angle together if to peek behind the great Oz’s curtain,” Lawrence wrote.

The Joy actress proved support for she friend as soon as she watched Adele do her very first concert in four years in a special, one-night-only performance at Radio City Music room in new York City.

“I’m gonna tear up just talking about it,” Lawrence said Z100 the the performance. “Adele is the many universally accepted as the best… I’ve never ever seen anything like it… She’s unbelievable.”

The duo included a third gal pal to their group in November 2015 with Emma Stone, together the trio were spotted grabbing dinner at Cosme mexican in new York City.

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Harrelson — who starred through Lawrence in the Hunger Games franchise and stone in Zombieland — happen Lawrence’s number along as soon as he realized the the two Oscar winners would certainly hit it off.

“She texted me the she acquired my number indigenous Woody,” Lawrence called Vanity Fair. “I replied, ‘F— off!’ and we’ve to be really good friends ever before since.”