Christ, not this shit again: it looks like hackers have actually gained accessibility to private photos of Emma Watson and also Amanda Seyfried and leaked them on the internet.

In what is being called as the Fappening 2.0, TMZ reports that nude picture of Seyfried and also her previous boyfriend were posted top top a website referred to as Celeb Jihad top top Wednesday. A letter written by her attorneys says that the photos were “wrongfully obtained” and also leaked to the site and also requests that they be gotten rid of at once.

She no the only one influenced by this current hack; it appears that “private” image of Emma Watson were likewise leaked, despite hers are not nudes. “Photos indigenous a clothing fitting Emma had actually with a stylist a pair of years earlier have been stolen. They space not naked photographs,” reads a statement from Watson’s spokesperson, together per the Telegraph.

The picture of Watson reportedly ended up on both Reddit and 4chan and also the Telegraph reports that the initial poster that the photos alluded come the fact that there can be an ext photos of other celebrities coming in the future.

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From the Telegraph:

“There may be a few more names included to the list however these are the big two.

“Don’t want to break any Reddit rule so no web links right now yet there should be part really an excellent drama over the next few days.”


“Really great drama” is one means to describe it, however you could likewise just speak to it one egregious and also gross invasion of privacy. That works simply as well and also is much more accurate.

Lovable Twitter power user Chrissy Teigen has actually been upfront and also open about her struggles with postpartum depression after ~ the bear of the most adorable infant in the world, Luna, opening up around her struggle in a candid essay in Glamour.

What’s also reassuring to discover is the her husband John Legend has been immensely supportive of she struggles, even though he can’t quite understand them.

From web page Six:

“For me together a husband, it to be my project to do the ideal I can to assistance her and also understand what she was going through,” that said. “I feel prefer that’s the least I could do.

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you don’t know internally what it feels like. You should read about it and understand what it is and really just be over there to help.”

I’m preemptively depressed for all of the “well climate don’t take it naked photos of yourself!” news coverage this hack will produce.