Emma Watson appeared in 2013"s This Is the End, but the take care of Potter actress couldn"t hang through one particular scene, follow to Seth Rogen.

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Why Emma Watson Walked turn off This Is the End set According to Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen has revealed why Emma Watson walked turn off the collection of This Is the End ago in 2013. The apocalyptic comedy was composed by Rogen and Evan Goldberg and it additionally served together their directorial debuts. In addition to Rogen, the movie stars James Franco, Craig Robinson, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, and several other celebrities v a story focused on fictionalized versions of its cast in the wake of a an international biblical apocalypse. It to be a an international hit at the box office, earning end $126 million globally.

if Emma Watson showed up in This Is the End, and received rave evaluate from critics, she was not comfortable with one scene involving cannibalism, so she walked turn off the set. Seth Rogen confirmed the story in a new interview, yet did not enter details regarding why the Harry Potter actress chose to leave. "I mean, ns don"t look ago on that and think, "How challenge she carry out that?" friend know," Rogen says. "I think occasionally when you check out something, once it comes to life that doesn"t it seems ~ to be what you thought it was."

if Emma Watson walk walk off the set, she go come earlier to do sure whatever was cool through the cast and crew. "She came back the next day come say goodbye. She helped promote the film. No hard feelings and I couldn"t be happier with exactly how the film turned the end in the end," states Seth Rogen. This Is the End turned the end for the better, follow to Rogen. "She was most likely right. The was more than likely funnier the means we finished up law it."

back in 2013, Seth Rogen and the remainder of the This Is the End cast and crew to be shocked that they to be able to acquire so plenty of people associated in the raunchy comedy. "Pretty lot everyone us went for did it, uneven there was a scheduling problem," he said at the time. "We got people to do sh*t in this movie ns can"t f***ing think they did. It"s truly shocking." He had actually this come say about getting Emma Watson top top board.

"You know, together handsome together James Franco is, you desire to look in ~ someone else eventually. Therefore we believed it can be funny to litter in a random human that we"re no that comfortable with, and also Emma simply seemed to fit the bill. It was a long shot. I did no think she would execute it, yet she did, and she"s fucking hilarious."

James Franco stated that Seth Rogen was the one that was able to get Emma Watson into their brand of comedy. "Seth was really great about making her feel comfortable," Franco said in 2013. "But i did gain the sense that she"d never done a movie choose this before. Ns mean, she really went because that it, but I could see that it was like, "Oh, this is not how they shoot Harry Potter."" This Is the End is lightyears far from the kingdom of Harry Potter, however Watson had the ability to pull turn off the role, simply as lengthy as that didn"t have anything to execute with cannibalism. The interview v Seth Rogen to be originally performed by GQ U.K.

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