Meghan Markle has not cut estranged father thomas Markle the end of she life, nearby friends of the Duchess of Sussex newly said.

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“He knows how to call her. She phone number hasn’t changed,” a pal of Meghan, 37, explained to People. “He’s never called; he’s never ever texted. The super painful, since Meg was always so dutiful. I think she will constantly feel genuinely ruined by what he is done. And also at the exact same time, since she’s a daughter, she has a many sympathy because that him.”

Thomas, 74, who asserted he had actually been “frozen out” through the royal family, famously skipped his daughter’s wedding to Prince harry last feather amid fallout over a staged picture scandal. Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha, took duty for the picture fiasco.

“Meg and also Harry to be still so concentrated on acquiring to London. In ~ no allude was there speak of ‘Now the we understand he lied, he is in trouble.’ Tom i will not ~ take her calls, wouldn’t take Harry’s calls,” the confidant said.

“The following morning when the car got there , the wouldn’t gain in. Meg heard he had actually a heart attack and she’s calling and texting, even up come the night before the wedding. It was like, ‘Please pick up. Ns love you, and also I’m scared.’ It to be endless,” the friend continued.

Following the wedding,Meghan penned an emotional letter to she father.

“She’s like, ‘Dad, ns so heartbroken. I love you. I have one father. Please protect against victimizing me through the media for this reason we have the right to repair our relationship.’ because every time she team has actually to concerned her and also fact-check miscellaneous , the an arrow to the heart,” the insider explained.

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“He writes she a really long letter in return, and he close the door it by requesting a photograph op v her. And she feels like, ‘That’s opposing of what i’m saying. I’m informing you i don’t want to communicate through the media, and also you’re questioning me to interact through the media. Did friend hear anything i said?’ It’s nearly like they’re pearl passing.”

With Meghan and Harry, 34, expecting their first child this spring, thomas has spoken out around her pregnancy. Many recently, the previous Hollywood bright director addressed his daughter’s alleged feud with sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

“I’m really upset by the criticism Meghan is getting,” he said to the UK’s The Sun. “I don’t think she deserves it.”

Meghan’s friends likewise voiced concerns about how the additional stress is affect her.

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“Meg has actually silently sat ago and endured the lies and also untruths,” said a former co-star. “It’s not correct to placed anyone under this level of emotional trauma, allow alone once they’re pregnant.”

Meghan and Harry are set to move from Kensington royal residence to Frogmore Cottage, located on the grounds that Windsor Castle, ahead of the bear of their very first child. The previous “Suits” star is meant to provide birth in April.