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The recently opened Empire Diner is situated in Brooklawn Diner. The diner owners additionally own the adjacent Piston Diner in Westville. Both diners donate 10% the every meal to neighborhood charities i beg your pardon is nice awesome.

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The interior and exterior that the empire Diner watch brand new. It has actually a red, white, and also blue template with neon lights and chrome. It has a modern-day and retro look at the exact same time.

Items top top their menu that stood out:– Texas meatloaf, glazed bbq meatloaf through cheddar cheese and onion rings– tuna or chicken salad hoagies– end 17 various kinds the salad– an insane quantity of sandwiches and burgers– a porkroll sandwich. Just porkroll and cheese– broiled chicken stuffed with crabmeat and Alfredo sauce– Jack Daniels new York steak– 35 mini meals– a full list the chicken sauté specials– a complete list that seafood sauté specials– a po young shrimp sandwich– a “vegan me” sandwich– and the empire Basket (clam strips, chicken fingers, and fish and also chips)

The realm Diner has lots of having lunch specials, 41 to be exact, plus early bird specials offered from 11-5 through 28 options. It is a lot of of options that provide you a lot of food!

I finished up bespeak the #27 having lunch special; one open confronted chicken caprese sandwich.


The sandwich to be grilled chicken, tomato, new basil top top pita. It was delicious and an easy and ns loved it. I wish all sandwiches came on pita sometimes.

To say the their lunch specials room a an excellent deal is an understatement. For just $10.99 my me came with soup, salad bar, fries, a drink, and dessert.

For mine soup I had actually a chicken pot pie soup which to be something ns haven’t had prior to at a diner.


It to be super filling! basically a chicken pot pie without the crust. It was DELICIOUS! Defintely one of the far better soups I’ve had.

My dining partner obtained the #5, the tuna avocado blt. I m sorry sounded and looked favor a great option.


For dessert mine friend and I bespeak the rice pudding and also the bread pudding. Although ns ordered the rice pudding, I finished up eating half of mine friend’s pudding as well. The was really good.


As a bonus, the diner sells wooden flower bouquets and also one that the managers went around and gave anyone a flower at no cost. It was super cute.


Between the an excellent service, food, and prices the realm Diner to be a wonderful NJ Diner experience.

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Additional details on the empire Diner:

Address: 297 Crescent Blvd, Brooklawn, NJPhone: (856) 432-6630

Diner Facts:24 hours – YesParking lot – YesLiquor patent – No, but BYOBSalad Bar – YesHomemade Desserts – Yes

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