As lengthy promised, Wednesday’s Empire season finale revealed the identity of the secret corpse in the highly-promoted coffin. But, in a bait-and-switchy curveball, it was notthe separation, personal, instance who gone into the episode knocking ~ above death’s door (we’re looking in ~ you, “terminally ill” Andre).

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Turns out it is Lucious’ other child — newly uncovered bastard kid Jeff Kingsley — who ends up 6 feet under. Tormented end being marginalized by his new fam, Kingsley shoots self in the head in front of his formerly estranged pa. Yet in a twist of fate that would certainly be deemed remarkable in the genuine world, his love

keeps top top beating and proves to it is in the perfect enhance for half-sibling Andre. It’s a miracle! Born the end of a tragedy!

With the personal crisis resolved, Lucious turns his fist to navigating a specific professional pickle including DA Megan Conway, who now has him by his proverbial short and curlies. That decides to do a run for it, and also invites Cookie to sign up with him in his getaway ‘copter. She refuses said invitation, citing his pervasive and also uncontrollable toxicity as the reason. In fact, so no hope is Cookie come eject Lucious from her life once and for all that she falsely confesses to cheating on him v his archenemy Damon Cross.

With that, the season ends v Lucious on the run, Cookie continuing to be behind to hold the rickety fort down and Jussie Smollett’s MIA Jamal battling the Storm that the Century (off screen).

Below, showrunner Brett Mahoney weighs in on the Kingsley twist, Andre’s prognosis, Cookie and also Lucious’ marital condition and, yes, the perplexing statement Fox put out last week about Smollett’s Season 6 status. | when did you arrive at the decision to put negative Kingsley in the coffin?We had different candidates for the coffin together we began and also I think we Kingsley as soon as we began breaking the ago nine episodes. | Why him?It just came down to that we were excited around telling an ext stories for, who we assumed would be a enlarge story engine moving into Season 6. And it just seemed favor Kingsley can not provide the most stories. | Kingsley appeared to go from holy ghost stable-ish to suicidal in warp speed. To be that since had you shown him as possibly suicidal previously it might’ve telegraphed the coffin reveal?I think the hints around his concerns were over there . He went with a period where his entirety identity to be wrapped approximately trying come take under Lucious, based upon lies his mom told him. So, v the nine episodes when he realized he to be living a lied this totality time, his identity was thrown up in the air. And also he becomes much more fragile. did you ever really take into consideration killing off Andre?Absolutely. That’s why us went for this reason deeply into this journey v him this season. Since if that was going to it is in Andre we really wanted to offer him a great sendoff and also really honor that character. | Is it for sure to assume that Andre is out of the woods?Yes. The trip for him this season was the he really didn’t think he had anything good in his life to look front to. He was basically simply going to serve the family, offer Empire, and continue his redemption tourism for what that tried to execute to Lucious, and then comprise for what occurred to Anika. Yet then the met Teri and also her child Quincy and be a father… he realized he may have actually something great to live for. “White Tracy” warned Cookie that her decision to donate Kingsley’s love to Andre came through strings enclosed — how large a variable will she be next season?<Laughs> Oh, a factor. Once she says, “It’s not going to it is in easy” and “It’s not going to it is in cheap” she method it. | Why did Cookie lie to Lucious around sleeping through Damon Cross?Because she knew the was the point Lucious couldn’t take. That’s the thing that would Lucious come let she go. | What to be the final straw because that her? to be it Lucious no divulging Andre’s suicide setup to her?Absolutely. The fact that she virtually lost she son and also wasn’t walk to have a possibility to to speak goodbye, wasn’t going to have actually a chance to conserve him, and Lucious didn’t share that through her, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. | carry out you watch them as broken up?They are two world that are in love. However I think they’re both looking in ~ it like, “Just due to the fact that you’re in love, doesn’t typical you have to be together.” occasionally love is simply not enough. | wherein did Lucious go?That’s an open up question. | will you start off next season with a time jump?I have actually some scenarios in mine head the would require a time jump, it’s fairly possible. | concerning the fate the Jamal, the explain Fox placed out about Jussie’s future with the show was confusing come some. Why expand his choice if there space no plans for him to return?This allows time to change to part legit issues, and also then we simply see where it is. There are no plans yet in terms of how the character might or may not come back. This will offer time to resolve what is walking on and put that behind him.

See more: Fox News Orlando Florida Roller Coaster Accident Video Scam Spreads Fast | just how will resolve Jamal’s continued lack moving forward, specifically in times of crisis? You supplied the storm script in the finale, yet I have to imagine that will be increasingly an overwhelming as you relocate forward…You’re absolutely right. There would have to be some organic reason in Season 6 if Jamal’s no there as soon as his family members is in crisis. It’s acquired to it is in clear and it’s obtained to do sense.