Employee that the Month (2006 film) is a TV regimen that showed up on TV in 1970 . Employee of the Month finished in 1970.

It features Peter Abrams, Barry Katz, Robert L. Levy, Joe Simpson, and also Brian Volk-Weiss as producer, john Swihart in charge of music score, and Anthony B. Richmond together head the cinematography.

Employee that the Month (2006 film) is tape-recorded in English and also originally aired in unified States. Each illustration of Employee the the Month (2006 film) is 108 minute long. Employee the the Month (2006 film) is dispersed by Lionsgate Films.

The actors includes: Dax Shepard as Vince, Harland Williams together Russell, Andy dick as Lon, Brian George as Iqbal, Dane chef as Zack, Marcello Thedford as Semi, Sean Whalen together Dirk, and also Efren Ramirez together Jorge.

Employee that the Month (2006 film) Quotes

Marcello Thedford as Semi

(Marcello Thedford) "Watch the oats. Clock the oats." (Marcello Thedford) "And if you pass out, you contact 911."

Dax Shepard together Vince

(Dax Shepard) "This is one "81 Honda. Just how dare you." (Dax Shepard) "What space you doing? There room no weapons in this mission. I will certainly not do time for you. I will roll over on you." (Dax Shepard) "Now I understand why they speak to you "Semi"" (Dax Shepard) "Is her name Semi since you"re the size of a huge Mack van or because you"re semi-retarded?" (Marcello Thedford) "I don"t know." (Dax Shepard) "I realize the you don"t care about your job, yet I do." (Dane Cook) "And I want to thank you for caring about my job, really." (Dax Shepard) "Well, i guess ns can acquire a small anal --" (Dane Cook) "Actually, i hear he it s okay alot."

Dane cook as Zack

(Dane Cook) "Were all pink ~ above the inside --" (Dax Shepard) "Like vaginas." (Granny) "Zacky. What"s my pen number?" (Dane Cook) "1234 Grandma, now we have actually to change it again."

Harland Williams together Russell

(Harland Williams) "You"re favor the drummer from REO Speedwagon. Nobody knows that you are." (Harland Williams) "Think around it guys, we could be working over over there at Maxi-Mart and that place really sucks. Happen me the chips there, eight balls." (Andy Dick) "Plus, i hear they do you undertake those house-arrest fishing eye bracelet things, so they understand where you room all the time and if you leave the key floor, you gain a tiny shocker." (Harland Williams) "True. I knew a male in upper management, man, walk crazy. Strapped among those things around his hairy ballsack, ran out in the parking lot and blew a three dollar Hawaiian wonder cooler everywhere the place." (Brian George) "Ids-kay, ids-kay." (Harland Williams) "Knocked the small Korean kid right out of purchase basket." (Harland Williams) "Jesus Christ. Wherein the hell are we, lining E. Cheese-istian?"

Efren Ramirez together Jorge

(Efren Ramirez) "-- ns love ah-nall, who"s ah-nall?" (Dax Shepard) "It"s ANAL, dumbass." (Efren Ramirez) "You do?"

Andy cock as Lon

(Andy Dick) "Wow, that"s gotta hurt. Ns mean, he"s constantly doin" the to you. Stealing her thunder. Friend remember the red head? In gardening? Boinked she behind the monkey grass. And also the eastern in automotive? Did she on a heap of carburetors. Oh, and also the blonde in frozen foods, through the -- Doink. Doink.

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Turkeys done. Psychic her?" (Attractive Woman) "Are you staring at my breasts?" (Andy Dick) "I don"t know."

Brian George together Iqbal

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