Royal Caribbean has actually revitalized the Empress of the Seas for reintroduction to the Miami sector on a collection of shorter getaway cruises. After ~ her new debut in 2016, Empress of the Seas will certainly embark on 4- and also 5-night getaways to the Bahamas and key West in the Caribbean. The itineraries might be short, however the fun won’t ever stop plank Empress of the Seas. You’ll have plenty that live entertainment, indigenous the new Boleros Latin Lounge come an to exclude, Sequins and Feathers Broadway-style production. Imperial Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas will function five bars and lounges, and also there will certainly be a “Sunday Brunch” every work of the week! exactly how you invest your time onboard is totally up to you; select to soak in the sun close to the pool, rejuvenate your mind, body and soul in the full-service spa or try your luck in ~ the Casino Royale. Plus, every one of the staterooms aboard the Empress the the Seas have been revitalized and also are prepared for girlfriend to speak to home. To learn more about the renewed Empress that the Seas, contact The Cruise Web’s skilled cruise agents in ~ 1-800-377-9383.

Passenger Capacity:1,602Year Built: 1990Last Refurbished: 2016

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Voom InternetEmpress that the Seas will certainly be fitted with imperial Caribbean’s Voom high-speed internet, the fastest net at sea. Guests aboard the Empress that the Seas deserve to take benefit of Voom’s enhanced Wi-Fi rate to share images from their vacation via society media – guarantee to do friends earlier home jealous.

Sunday BrunchGuests board the Empress the the Seas will reap a “Sunday Brunch” every job of the week through a totally free Mimosa or Bloody mar drink. Of course, the Windjammer Café and Main Dining Room are also ready to serve every one of your favorite royal Caribbean cook favorites.

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Boleros Latin LoungeDance the night away at the new Boleros Latin Lounge, open up every evening for live Latin and also Salsa music and entertainment. As soon as you sail with imperial Caribbean aboard the Empress that the Seas, the party doesn’t stop. Start practicing those dance movies!