Sometimes, you simply need a good playlist the Christian song to acquire you through the difficult days.

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Today, I received news indigenous my physician that left me emotion defeated and deflated. Some new test results verified that I have yet one more health issue that requirements to be taken treatment of—something rather to add to a lengthy list.

I had just newly started feeling like I to be making progression in my heal journey, so it’s hard to feel favor I’m relocating backward instead.Chronic condition doesn’t chaos around!

We every have tough days. There are days that us wish we can just crawl earlier into bed, days where we wonder if we’re doing anything right, and days whereby absolutely naught goes together planned.

And climate there are the unbelievably an overwhelming days that start to wire together—a miscarriage, shedding a loved one, a scary diagnosis, coming to be a single parent, and also so on.

One thing’s for certain: we will always have bumps in the road and storms to weather in life.

When the pain Won’t walk Away

I recognize what it’s like to live in continual pain, fearing the unknown, since I’ve lived v debilitating chronic condition for almost 4 year now.

During lot of that time, ns didn’t understand what was causing my everyday pain and also discomfort. I invested day after work moving ago and soon from the bed come the couch. Ns tried dozens the treatments, healthy diets, and also supplements.

Nothing worked.

It was a scary, disheartening time because that me. I experienced 5 different doctors and also had a ridiculous number of tests performed before I finally received a diagnosis.

The “not knowing” to be honestly one of the hardest points to transaction with!

Was I ever before going to feeling better? would I need to live with this for the remainder of mine life?This isn’t how I imagine spending almost half of mine 20’s!


7 Christian songs to obtain You v the tough Times

During the stormiest days, listening come encouraging music was among the only things that lugged me hope and also comfort.

No one totally understood what i was walk through—except because that my Savior. I required to be reminded the His love because that me.

Maybe you have the right to relate to the feeling.

Being reminded that He deeply loves and also cares because that me was exactly what I essential to hear on those difficult, pain-filled days.

I maintain this list of Christian song to gain you through the difficult days to encourage your soul. I hope the truths in this music will break open the storm clouds and also let some light right into your dark days, as they have actually mine!

1. Lug Me (Audrey Assad)

“Pain is a forest we all gain lost inBetween the branches hope deserve to be so difficult to seeAnd in the darkness we’ve all acquired questionsWe’re all simply trying come make sense out of suffering…”

I’m a vast fan of Audrey’s voice, she lyrics, and also her music—especially she older albums.This tune is a beautiful conversation, filled through truth and also timely reminders of God’s promises. Certainly check out her various other music if friend haven’t already!

2. Blessings (Laura Story)

“‘Cause what if her blessings come with raindropsWhat if her healing comes v tears?What if a thousand sleepless nightsAre what that takes to understand You’re near?What if trials the this lifeAre your mercies in disguise?”

A friend sent me this track at the start of mine chronic illness. I was really struggling, and the words brought me come tears. Okay, i bawled. The lyrics are honest and also raw, and exactly what I necessary to hear that day.


3. The Will host Me fast (Keith & Kristyn Getty)

“Those He saves are His delightChrist will organize me fastPrecious in His divine sightHe will hold me fastHe’ll not let my spirit be lostHis promises shall lastBought by that at such a costHe will hold me fast”

The music in He Will organize Me Fast is gentle and also comforting, and the lyrics are filled through truth and full of hope. Kristyn’s voice is gorgeous, together usual. I’ve discovered this song quiets mine heart and also reassures me of my Savior’s love.

4. Also If (MercyMe)

“But God, when You chooseTo leave mountains unmovableGive me the toughness to have the ability to singIt is well with my soul”

This tune is a more recent exploration of mine, and has brought me come tears an ext than when (and I’m not a crier)! It’s powerful, and also definitely one of my favorites.

I love the chorus because it’s my anthem part days, and I have to sing it over and over.

“I understand You’re able and I recognize You canSave v the fire v Your mighty handBut even if girlfriend don’tMy hope is girlfriend aloneI understand the sorrow, and also I understand the hurtWould all go away if You’d just say the wordBut even if girlfriend don’tMy expect is girlfriend alone”

5. The Perfect Wisdom of ours God(Keith & Kristyn Getty)

“Oh provide me wisdom native above, To pray because that peace and cling come love, And teach me humbly to get The sun and rain of your sovereignty. Each strand that sorrow has a location Within this tapestry of grace; So v the trials I pick to say: ‘Your perfect will in your perfect way."”

I couldn’t stand up to sharing a second song indigenous Keith & Kristyn Getty—their music is just so good! The wealthy lyrics and also calming instrumental arrangement keep me coming earlier to this track again and also again.

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6. Ns Am not Alone (Kari Jobe)

“When i walk with deep watersI know that You will certainly be through meWhen I’m stand in the fireI will not it is in overcomeThrough the valley of the shadowI will not fear”

This tune reminds us over and over that God never leaves us on our own. The is always near—protecting, providing, and also sheltering. He lights our path!

7. Eye that the Storm (Ryan Stevenson, feat. GabeReal)

“In the eye of the storm, You continue to be in controlAnd in the center of the war, friend guard my soulYou alone room the anchor, as soon as my sails space tornYour love surrounding me in the eye of the storm…”

Eye of the Storm begins and ends with the sound the rain. Ns love the word images that this an ext upbeat tune offers. It emphasizes God’s control over the storms in ours lives, no matter how bad they are. Plus, Psalm 23 is quoted at the end!

What room Your favourite Christian song to gain You Through hard Days?

Now it’s your revolve to share part suggestions!

If you’re in search of a an excellent place to hear to these songs, i personally recommend Spotify! We usage the totally free version, and also love it! It’s a great place to hear to and also organize your favorite music.

Please permit me understand your favourite Christian songs to gain you through hard days down in the comments! I’m constantly looking for new recommendations!