This is less of a hike and much more of a cliff jumping activity. To be much more realistic, that is 100% around the cliff jumping! The hike chin is only around 0.3 miles from whereby you park. At the end of the follow is a 30-40ft cliff that stands above the big blue water that the pacific. The problems here deserve to be dicey, however if the s is calm finish Of The world is a an excellent place to cliff jump.

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Time Required:1 Hours

Location:8 miles southern of Kona

Distance:0.6 miles ring trip

Highest Elevation: 30-40ft

Difficulty:2/10 because that the hike to the cliff, 8/10 for the cliff jumping (depending on conditions)

Season:Year round

Additional Requirements: N/A


From Kona: Head south on Hawaii Belt Rd until you reach Kamehameha III Rd and also take a right. Follow Kamehameha III Rd to Alii Hwy and also take a left and also continue for exactly 1.2 miles. Turn appropriate onto Keauhou Kainaliu coast Rd and also continue for 0.7 miles till you with the end of the road. Park your car and also continue through foot.


Water:Even despite the hike is an extremely short, Hawaii is hot. Carry a bottle of water to remain hydrated. Swimsuit:If you space going come cliff jump, carry your trunks. Towel:Always nice to have actually a towel when you get out of the water. Water Shoes:to acquire out of the water you need to climb up lava rock. Water pair of shoes will defend your feet from sharp rocks. Sunscreen:If that is sunny and also you’re like Mattson, who conveniently burns, carry sunscreen! Camera:The tide crashing top top the black color lava rock make for some an excellent photo opportunities. This Guide:Print a copy the this overview to referral throughout the hike


Ocean Conditions:This area is not for beginning of the person or also intermediate swimmers. Depending on the time that year (December – in march being especially dangerous) the swells coming into the end Of The people are incredibly dangerous. When climbing up onto the rocks, be really careful, and also be ethical with your swimming skills. If you have any type of doubts, carry out NOT JUMP!

Leave No Trace:It is important that we enjoy the the end responsibly and also sustainably.Some an essential principles to take into consideration when hiking to “Leave No Trace” are:

Plan ahead and prepare:Proper planning allows adventurers come hike safely when minimizing damage to the land. Travel on resilient surfaces: Stick come the trail once possible. If over there is no trail, or you need to travel turn off trail, stay on sturdy surfaces to mitigate your impact. Dispose of waste properly: Pack that in, load it out. Leave what friend find: Leave rocks, plants, historical artifacts and other objects of interest as you find them. Respect wildlife: Observe wildlife native a distance. Never feed wild animals. Be considerate of other visitors: Be courteous to others to permit everyone to enjoy their outdoor experience.

To learn much more about “Leave No Trace” visit


Summary:The hike to finish Of The world is an extremely straight forward. If the swells are too large to run it is a great place to visit to check out the waves crash versus the lava rock cliffs.

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Step-By-Step Guide:

This hike starts at the end of Keauhou Kainaliu coast Rd. It is together a quick hike you deserve to basically view the cliff from whereby you park. Follow the trail along the coastline to the south. This follow is fine defined and also easy come follow. Once the rocky path ends you must traverse some lava rock to obtain to the jump site.