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The world, according to one commonly debunked theory, is slated to finish on Dec. 21. Around the civilization the paranoid room readying themselves because that Doomsday, a day they believe is suspect in an ancient Mayan prophesy. There"s just one problem: no one seems to recognize at simply what time we"re all supposed to meet our fiery end. Alphabet News is checking in approximately the world, as the clock transforms to midnight top top Dec. 21, to discover out if the people has finished - therefore far, therefore priziv.orgod.

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Mexico City, Mexico (midnight 1:00 a.m. ET; GMT -6): "Everything is an extremely normal," stated Andrea, an employee at the JW Marriott. Andrea, who declined to give her last name, claimed the hotel guests are all safe and sound. The people there has not ended.

New York, U.S. (midnight; 12:00 a.m. ET; GMT -5): From the abc News newsroom in brand-new York City, we have the right to confirm the human being here has not ended.

London, U.K. (midnight; 7 p.m. ET; GMT +0): abc News" Jeffrey Kofman reports: it did feeling a bit like the finish of the world here in London today. The rain was so heavy, the clouds therefore dark, the winter chill therefore penetrating that had actually Noah"s Ark sailed previous I could have hitched a ride. However all this has much more to perform with the moment of the year 보다 all the hyperventilating around the Mayan calendar. … are afraid not, north America. Over there is no must rush to your doomsday bunkers. Top top this side of the Atlantic, the civilization is tho turning. By the time the Mayan calendar runs out wherein you are, that looks you"ll it is in OK, too.

Bugarach, France (midnight; 6:00 p.m. ET; GMT +1): "Apocalypse? Non!" stated an exasperated resides of this small French mountain town in the Pyrenees. International journalists alone doubled the populace of the city rumored come be among the few places the would have actually been pardon annihilation had actually the world ended. The world there has not ended.


People gather at dusk in Bugarach, France a small village in the foothills that the Pyrenees. The hill town is rumored to be a ar of protection should Doomsday come.

Moscow, Russia (2:00 a.m; 5:00 p.m. ET; GMT +4) UPDATE: ABC"s Kirit Radia reports: "revelers are celebrating in ~ a high-end "End of the human being Party" in an underground Soviet bunker in Moscow because that a opportunity to dance into the apocalypse. So much it looks choose they"ll wake up up on Friday, albeit possibly with in ~ hanpriziv.orgver that feels favor brimstone and also fire. Yet all is not lost. Organizers setup to give everyone a 50 percent refund if the Mayans gained it wrong." The world there still has not ended.

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Moscow, Russia (midnight; 3:00 p.m. ET; GMT +4): "Everything in Russia is O.K. Possibly some human being were worried, but nobody seems worried anymore," stated Nikolai Yeriomin in ~ the Sheraton palace Hotel. A current survey discovered that 9 percent the Russians thought the human being would finish on Dec. 21, prompting chairman Vladimir Putin to calm his people"s nerves and also tell lock they would be well for another 4.5 billion years. The civilization there has not ended.

Calcutta, India (midnight; 1:30 p.m. ET; GMT +5:30): "We space all all right. Give thanks to you because that asking," said Sister mar of mother Teresa"s Missionaries the Charity. The civilization there has not ended.

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Phuket, Thailand (midnight; 12 p.m. ET; GMT + 7): "Everything is normal. The hotel is open and also people are having actually a an excellent time," reported a laughing Lek Kalymunag, indigenous the Hilton Phuket Resort and Spa. The world there has not ended.

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Shanghai, China (midnight; 11 a.m. ET; GMT +8): "Everything is OK. Yes. No, problems," said a still life customer company operator in ~ the bank of Shanghai. The human being there has actually not ended.

Tokyo, Japan (midnight; 10 a.m. ET; GMT +9): "Yes, people are playing ping-pong," stated a male identifying himself as Hiyashi in ~ Lesiure land Pallette Town, a 24-hour video clip arcade and also bowling alley. The human being there has not ended.

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Sydney, Australia (midnight; 9 a. M. ET; GMT +10): "We"re tho kicking, we"re still throwing beers," Ellie Spicer, a manager at 3 Wise monkeys Pub tells alphabet News. The world there has not ended.

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Auckland, new Zealand (midnight; 7 a.m. ET; GMT +12): The people there has actually not ended.