The an initial day of fall may be followed by the critical day for united state all if guess of our death hold true.

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Fall officially starts on Friday at 4:02 p.m. Eastern Time, and then on Saturday (the time isn"t specific), the planet allegedly has a day with the apocalypse. And given recent world events, that does it seems to be ~ feasible the finish of the human being could be coming.

Earlier this year, doomsaying writer David Meade bound his guess of a Sept. 23 apocalypse to the Aug. 21 complete solar eclipse across the unified States, which he stated would it is in a telltale sign that the mysterious (undocumented) planet Nibiru will come the end of hiding and head directly for us, ruining Earth.

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It was good for a laugh. Psychic the Mayan calendar in 2012? Or how about Y2K?

But then Hurricane Harvey put Houston under water, Hurricane Irma sideswiped Florida, and Hurricane Maria plowed end Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, wildfires raged everywhere the West, and Mexico had actually two major earthquakes in less than two weeks.

And that’s all just from the previous month in north America alone. We won’t also talk around the escalating anxiety with phibìc Korea.

Making sense of the all

When real and also sobering events link together over time, we look for methods to make sense of the all. Some may discover comfort in church or with family and friends, while rather escape to nature.

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Still others are attracted in to conspiracy theories, prefer that the Meade’s, i m sorry is sustained by his id that NASA is spanning up the existence of Nibiru.

A 2016 examine by Anglia Ruskin college professor Viren Swami discovered a direct correlation in between stress (and what could be much more stressful than unending natural disasters?) and susceptibility to hoaxes like Nibiru.

“Stressful situations increase the tendency to think less analytically. An individual enduring a stressful life occasion may start to engage in a particular way of thinking, such together seeing patterns that nothing exist,” stated Swami of the study.

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“Therefore stressful life events may sometimes result in a tendency to embrace a conspiracist mind-set. Once this worldview has end up being entrenched, other conspiracy theories are much more easily handled board.”

Now that Meade’s theory, i beg your pardon is largely based upon Biblical passages, seems less of a joke, various other end-of-the-world predictions space dovetailing with his.

Popular prophesy

One popular holy bible quote at this time making the rounds together evidence: Luke 21: 25-26, i m sorry says:

“25. There will certainly be signs in the sun, moon and also stars. ~ above the earth, countries will be in anguish and also perplexity at the roaring and also tossing the the sea. Human being will pass out from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, because that the heavenly bodies will be shaken.

“26. Men’s hearts failing them because that fear, and also for looking after ~ those points which space coming ~ above the earth: for the powers of sky shall be shaken.”

Footnote: The eclipse to be Aug. 21, Hurricane Harvey struggle Texas on Aug. 25 and flooded Houston top top Aug. 26. (Luke 21: 25-26 … See exactly how that works?)

Other explanations

Others attribute this natural tragedies to some kind of karma on mankind - because that a virtual buffet the transgressions. Ours sins? our elections? The Kardashians? Take her pick.

A different explanation because that this summer’s many intense hurricanes and also wildfires is climate change. The surface temperatures of the Atlantic ocean are unusually warmth this season (and warm, open waters feeding hurricanes through energy), and record temperature in the West have basically baked the vegetation, making it much more vulnerable come wildfire.


So also though they’ve come to their conclusions in entirely various ways, zealots and scientists are basically on the very same page around Earth’s brewing doom.

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Maybe yes something come this apocalypse ~ all.


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