how I Met your Mother: 5 things That changed In The alternating Ending (& 5 That continued to be The Same) exactly how I Met Your mommy fans were so vocal about their hate of the finishing that the show released an different version... What go they change?

How i Met Your mother Ending
The lover sitcom how I Met Your mom received lots of unpopular reviews after the finale to be aired in 2014. When there to be lots of facets that lived approximately expectations - prefer Ted finally meeting the mother (and fans getting to watch her face), Robin and Barney acquiring married, and also dreams comes true all roughly - the final scenes readjusted everything. Despite nearly ten years of develop up, the titular mom was eliminated off, come make method for Ted reuniting v Robin, ~ she and also Barney divorce!

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The disappointed finale spurred the need for an alternative ending, and the creators ultimately released one that the fans invited wholeheartedly. This version of the story saw plenty of of the fan frustrations addressed, and also became a considerably happier finishing - but not everything about it changed.

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Updated Nov 15th by increased Graceling-Moore: through the news that just how I Met your Mother has a spin off on the way, fans are hoping that exactly how I Met your Father learns native the original"s mistakes. Hopefully, this 2nd series will certainly not require to develop two endings due to fan outrage over the first! It"s clear the if one entire series is leading up to meeting one character, fans don"t desire to view them eliminated off... 

among the heartbreaking moments because that the viewers that the show was the death of the mother, Tracy. Return the creators that the show gave a hint around Tracy"s sickness in an earlier episode while she and Ted were having dinner, the fans to be annoyed by her quick demise in the final episode. The alternating ending doesn"t acknowledge anything around her sickness and ends it with Ted saying, "That"s how I met your mother". The finishing monologue also refers to her in the present tense, through lines around "waking up beside her every day". Clearly, Tracy is quiet alive and is happy married to Ted.

Lily Marvin and also Marshall ~ above the couch
Lily and Marshall are certainly one of the best couples in contemporary sitcoms. One of the reasons why the finale functioned well among the fans was that it didn"t try to change anything around the Marshall-Lily love story. In spite of having a quick breakup in season 2, Marshmallow and Lilypad continued to game the fans v their sweet relationship, and also end the series happy and successful. In both the real and alternative ending, Lily and also Marshall grow old in addition to their kids, take time to live in Italy, and see Marshall become a can be fried Court Judge.

The finale"s climactic scene reflects Ted standing exterior Robin"s home window with the blue french horn, the symbol of your romantic relationship. And of course, the two get back together, proving it was your love story every along. In the alternate ending, there is no mention of Robin after Ted"s marital relationship - unsurprisingly, given that that is tho married to Tracy.

Robin and Barney carry out still gain divorced in the alternate ending, but it"s assumed the she moves on v her life in a brand-new direction, while continuing to be no much more than friends through Ted. This to be a relief to countless fans, that felt that Ted and Robin would never have functioned - and also that the show proved exactly how incompatible lock were.

7 remained The Same: The Love of Barney"s Life

The pan strongly believed that Robin was the perfect enhance for Barney. However, they gain divorced, and it is just in the final episode that the display he find the really "love the his life", his daughter, Ellie.

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It was really heartwarming for the pan to view Barney see his daughter because that the an initial time and also telling her just how she owns whatever he has and also he is. The alternate ending doesn"t change Barney"s story and also left it together presented in the yes, really show. This is additionally a minute that shows just how much Barney has adjusted - and also the ways that he doesn"t. It was a great ending for a lovely character, and one the suited the series.

The show"s entirety plot is based upon Ted narrating the story come his kids around how the met your mother. In the yes, really ending, over there is a discussion in between Ted and also the children where they concern Ted"s on purpose behind narrating the story and also advise that to go after Robin. However, the kids do not show up in the alternative ending as it automatically ends ~ Ted completes his story.

This makes sense for two reasons - first, the children only appear in the original ending to talk Ted right into going after Robin again, and there is nothing comparable for lock to perform in the alternate. ~ above a much more practical level, though, the scenes through the youngsters were every filmed at the begin of the series, so that the actors wouldn"t age as time walk on. Happen them ago to execute an alternate ending wouldn"t have actually been feasible - together they would show up to unexpectedly be ripe years older!

5 remained The Same: The characters Drifting Apart

that is revealed in the penultimate illustration of the show that "the five of united state hanging together in Maclaren"s, being young and also stupid" is not one of the wonderful things that will happen anymore.

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The show had a really realistic ending, whereby each that the characters go their own way. Marshall and also Lily lead a peaceful life far from the city bustle, Barney sets out for a new life through his daughter, Ted and Robin continue living in brand-new York. The viewers check out the friendship circle, and the method it alters over time, which has remained the same in the alternate ending together well. Of course, this wasn"t a storyline the fans disliked, therefore it"s not surprising it wasn"t changed.

Marshall and Lily have a long-term bet around the Robin-Ted relationship. Marshall constantly vouches for Ted and Robin to obtain together, conversely, Lily placed her gambling on Ted marrying who else. In the actual ending, the success goes to Marshall after ~ Ted request Robin the end in the final clip that the show. However, Ted stays along with Tracy in the alternate ending, which means that Lily winner the bet.

This is a relatively minor change, the course, even if the permanent bets space something that crops up an ext than as soon as in the show. They exist as more of a running joke, though, so the doesn"t really issue who wins.

3 stayed The Same: Robin and Barney Divorce

It came as a huge blow to the fans when Robin and Barney gained divorced in the show"s penultimate episode. One thing that remained the exact same in the really and alternating ending is this decision do by the two characters. They establish that neither of them is happy with the marriage and got divorced.

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This is the one part of the controversial finale that continued to be the same, despite the reality that so countless fans hated it. The general consensus was the these 2 were perfect for one another, and also that lock divorced mostly to free Robin up to be through Ted. It"s likely that this didn"t adjust in the alternative ending largely because it would have simply been to facility on a practical level, as soon as their divorce to be shown before the an extremely last scenes.

The viewers space quite acquainted with Robin"s score to become a famed reporter and also travel worldwide. Back Robin successfully accomplished this, she friends are disappointed together she is not obtainable for the huge things that occur in their lives. The fans see Robin return to brand-new York in the actual ending where she continues to be in she old apartment. In the alternative ending, Robin doesn"t come earlier to new York and also the fans assume that she is tho traveling the human being as a reporter.

This is actually a much much better ending for the character, together it currently up v Robin"s long-term objectives throughout her time top top the series. It suits her character to continue to put her career and her desires first, fairly than come simply end up ago where she started.

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1 stayed The Same: having The an initial Conversation v Tracy at Farhampton

The present revolves around the circumstances that led Ted to accomplish Tracy, the mommy of his kids. Although they had nearly crossed paths at various places throughout the show, they had their an initial conversation in ~ the Farhampton station when Ted bumped into her and started a conversation. This is a usual sequence in both the genuine and alternating ending.

While the alternating ending culminates v this conversation in ~ the station, this take away place before Ted"s conversation with his children in the really ending. This is mainly a practical change, and also one that comes from cutting with each other a brand-new ending native existing footage. It provides for a sweet moment to wrap up the show, despite - and arguably a much better one the the original!

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