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Click right here to watch ALL problems on Probability-and-statisticsQuestion 1167479: engineers want to design seats in commercial aircraft so the they are wide enough come fit ​99% of all males.​ (Accommodating 100% the males would certainly require an extremely wide seats that would certainly be much too​ expensive.) Men have actually hip breadths that are normally dispersed with a typical of 14.6 in and also and a typical deviation of 1.1 in. Uncover P99. That​ is, discover the i know good breadth for men that separates the the smallest 99​% indigenous the biggest 1​%. Need to discover the hip breadth for guys that the end the smallest 99​% native the largest 1​% is P99 in.

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Answer by Theo(11637)
(Show Source): You deserve to put this systems on your website! you have actually a median of 14.6 and a typical deviation the desire to uncover the z-score that has actually an area to the left of it of .99then you want to find the raw would certainly look right into the following z-score table if girlfriend didn"t have one of your own. would look because that an area to the left the the z-score of.99you will probably not find it, however you will obtain close.i looked in the table and also found:an area of .98983 come the left of a z-score of area of .99010 to the left the a z-score that 2.33.since .99 is closer come .99010 보다 to .98983, then you would certainly pick a z-score of would certainly then use the z-score formula to uncover the life score connected with that.the z-score formula is z = (x - m) / sz is the z-scorex is the life scorem is the raw way is the standard deviation in this case.the formula i do not care 2.33 = (x - 14.6) / 1.1solve for x to gain x = 2.33 * 1.2 + 14.6 = 17.163.if the width of the seat is 17.163 inches, than 99% of the males will certainly fit in them.there is an online calculator that will display you what this look at like.that calculator can be discovered at"s what the calculator shows.the very first one looks because that the area come the left that a z-score of 2.33.the 2nd one looks for the area come the left that a raw score of 17.163the 3rd looks for the z-score connected with one area the .99 to the left the it.the fourth looks for the raw score associated with an area the .99 come the left that it.the calculator provides a an ext detailed because that an area the .99 come the left that it.the z-score to be 2.326 and also the life score to be 17.159.if you used this calculator, that"s what her answer would have actually could likewise have interpolated indigenous the table and also gotten 2.326 z-score as well, but, why bother once the calculator deserve to do the tough work for you?either answer is acceptable, depending upon how in-depth the answer requirements to be.there are other calculators the will provide you one even much more detailed many cases, going further than 2 or 3 decimal areas with the z-score is not necessary.