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The 46-year-old singer commemorated the release of his album, Final (Vol. 1), ~ above Friday by sharing an adorable video of his 1-year-old tiny girl rocking out to his song "Chasing the Sun."

"Who is that?" Iglesias asks his small girl, as she happy bounces on the bed and replies, "Papa!"

Additionally, the Spanish heartthrob thanked his pan for your support, composing in the caption, "FINAL (Vol.1) is out!!!!!! Gracias a todos mis pan por vuestro apoyo 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 #Finalalbum."

The couple have constantly kept a fairly private personal life. They do, however, share little snippets of their resides at house from time to time on their social media. For the fourth of July, Iglesias post a stunner pic the him through his twins in the pool.

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Earlier this month, the singer expressed that the LP could be among his final records, together he"s ready for a brand-new chapter of his life.

"It"s not something that I have actually been thinking about for the past couple of months. It"s something the I have actually been thinking about for the past few years," that expressed in a Q&A v Ricky Martin and Sebastián Yatra, while fostering their tour. "There"s walking to be Volume 1 and also Volume 2, yet they"re Final. i don"t know. I"m in that moment in mine life, the chapter in mine life, whereby I think it"s the ideal time to placed it out and also I"ve been thinking around this due to the fact that 2015."

Iglesias included that he"s "never gonna avoid making music." "I"m never ever gonna avoid writing songs because I love to compose songs. Me encanta escribir canciones, pero I"m gonna carry out it in a various way," the continued.

ET spoke with Iglesias in march of 2020, where he mutual some insight into fatherhood and welcoming one more bundle of joy into his and also Kournikova"s lives.

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"I"m not sleeping, but I"m having actually a great time!I mean, ns wouldn"t readjust it because that nothing in the world," Iglesias told ET at the time of his then-2-month-old infant girl. As soon as asked if he was embracing the diaper changes and also baby bottles, he replied, "I actually am. I"m pretty hands on."

Hear much more in the video clip below.

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