It’s been 20 yearssince they met ~ above the set of his music video clip and singer Enrique Iglesias andformer professional tennis player Anna Kournikova are still walk strong.

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Anna played Enrique’slove interest in the sizzling video clip for his 2001 fight Escape and also Enriquerecently revealed their three kids have seen it.

In a rarely interviewdiscussing their household life, Enrique shared what three-year-old twins Nicholasand Lucy and baby mary (20 months) think of the music video.

“When they clock thatvideo, ns think it does throw them off a little bit,” the said throughout an episodeof SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show.

“What is mommy doingthere, you know, through dad? once was this? It"s actually – it"s significant towatch the expression on their faces. It"s nice cool.”

In the video, thecouple rotate up the heat in a windy bathroom, a car and an north theatre.

Before shooting thevideo, Enrique (46) said MTV’s make the video that he had actually never met Anna butwas a large fan.

“I’m sure a many guyswant to satisfy her. I’m among them,” he claimed at the time. “She’s beautiful,talented, a good tennis player, and also I’m certain she’s going come be good in thevideo.”

The pair hit that offinstantly and also went public through their partnership in august the adhering to year.

They have actually kept theirrelationship the end of the public eye and rarely speak around it in interviews.


The pair have kept many of your relationship personal over the last 2 decades. (PHOTO: Getty Images/ Gallo Images)

“For me, my personallife, i do try to keep it together private possible because I require that balance,”Enrique stated in a 2014 interview.

“When ns go home, i wantto make certain that whatever goes top top in my house, it"s just for me and my lovedones and I require that.”

After welcoming thetwins in 2017, he raved around Anna (40) together a mother yet admitted that favor anycouple lock go through dips in your relationship.

“You still go throughyour ups and also downs and it’s not always perfect. Butit is perfect in a way. It’s incredible to watch she be together a an excellent mother.”

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While the couple’srelationship has actually stood the check of time, marital relationship doesn’t it seems to be ~ to be on thecards for them.

“It isn’t important tome. I’m in a happy relationship – that’s all that matters,” Anna stated in aprevious interview.

“I believe incommitment. I believe in gift open and trusting every other and also respecting eachother completely.”

Enrique share thissentiment. He says marital relationship wouldn’t make a difference to their relationship.

“Maybe it’s since Icome from divorce parents, yet I don’t think girlfriend love someone much more because ofa piece of paper,” that explained.

“Nowadays, it’s nottaboo to have kids and also not be married. What makes a difference is that you’re agood parent, period.”

It’s widely believedthat opposites attract, however for lock it works the other way around, Anna says.

“You know, it"s noteasy being together for so long, yet I kind of recognize him a lot becausehe"s the male variation of me and I"m sort of the female version of him.”


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