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"Finally discovered You" is a song by Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias, released on 20 September 2012. It was later included on the international deluxe edition of his tenth studio album Sex and Love. The track attributes vocals from rapper Sammy Adams. Both artist co-wrote the song with Jacob Luttrell, R3hab, Fabian Lenssen, Yoan Chirescu, Raphaël Judrin, and Pierre-Antoine Melki. The latter two, known together as soFLY & Nius, are additionally the producers. Another version special Puerto Rican reggaeton singer daddy Yankee was released because that Latin market. "Finally uncovered You" is a dance-pop, electro home song around a guy finding the love of his life at a club and also declaring to never let she go. The track received usually favorable reviews from music critics, who in spite of calling it too comparable to his old hits, referred to as it a euphoric track, matching his heartthrob persona through pulsing beats. Commercially, the song got to the top twenty in Canada and also the peak forty in Australia, Spain and United States, likewise topping the Dance club Songs chart.more »

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You understand I"m gon" get ya, yeahWhatever that takes to acquire thereNo, ns won"t fall youLike everybody else doesForget about your friends castle don"t care where we goIf they do, we"ll get lost in a crowd of peopleI"ve been searching for you forever baby we goTogether baby us go, us goIn this crazy world of selections I"ve only obtained a fewEither you"re coming through me, or I"m coming with you"Cause I lastly found, ns finally discovered youYou never have to worry if what ns say is trueGirl, I"ve been searching for youAnd when I saw you ns knew, the I lastly found,I finally found youI"m coming I"ll obtain ya, yeahWe have actually a connection, that"s right"Cause girl I"m not letting goI"m gonna make you feel right, oh yeaForget around your friends lock don"t care where us goIf lock do, we"ll obtain lost in a crowd of peopleI"ve been trying to find you forever baby we goTogether baby us go, us goIn this crazy people of choices I"ve only gained a fewEither you"re coming with me, or I"m coming with you"Cause I finally found, i finally discovered youYou never have actually to worry if what i say is trueGirl, I"ve been looking for youAnd as soon as I saw you ns knew the I finally found,I finally found youI ultimately found, i finally uncovered youOkay, so can I get love?Too lot to ask for, really so toughFind yourself relocating with sex that the drumsGot my hand full, grabbin" every these girls, girlsHands up, hands up, dance floor chillin" when I organize two cupsCan"t protect against spilling, "cause I"m drunk together f*ckAnd my song comes on, and also the society goes nutsEvery time the side goes, seems to ya sleep, finest that to ya knowRunning around, and doing every these showsRound the whole globe, ns come, and also you go girlAnd you should think that itJust wrap for the night, baby live a bitWith a location to hit, and your trousers to zipYou can make a scene and also party, room you into itIn this crazy world of choices I"ve only acquired a fewEither you"re coming v me, or I"m coming through you"Cause I lastly found, ns finally found youFinally lastly finally discovered youFinally finally finally foundFinally found, i finally found youYou recognize I"m gon" acquire ya, yeah

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Enrique Iglesias Enrique Iglesias (born Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler; may 8, 1975) is a Spanish singer-songwriter, model, and also actor of Spanish and Filipino descent, popular in both the Latin market and the hispanic American market in the unified States. The is the boy of Spanish singer Julio Iglesias. Within 5 years of start his musical career in the 1990s, he ended up being the best seller that Spanish-language albums of that decade.

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That made his crossover into the tendency English language market before the revolve of the millennium, signing a multi-album deal with Universal Music team for an extraordinary US $50,000,000 v Universal Music Latino to release his Spanish albums and Interscope to release English albums. In 2010, he parted through Interscope and also signed with ano… more »