Binge-watching is a quintessential 21st-century pastime, a truth that’s driving video demand through the roof and straining networks. But few have binged like 27-year-old Brooklyn residents Alejandro “AJ” Fragoso.

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In 2016, after outlasting two various other record-attempters, Fragoso watched 94 consecutive hrs of TV—with one five-minute rest every hour—to break the Guinness document for TV binge watching . Critical year, he and also Alex Christison spent 50 hours in VR to set Guinness’ VR binging record. Both record attempts were funded by CyberLink, a Taiwanese multimedia software program company. “Some world were in reality pretty uncomfortable that i did it,” Fragoso said recently. “If friend look at few of the comments of the news postings or on Instagram, human being were like, ‘This is disgusting. How dare the media encourage this kind of behavior?’ Meanwhile, other civilization were like, ‘This is incredible. I desire to execute this now.’ Other people were like, ‘Four work is nothing. I could entirely do a week!"”

A year since his last record attempt, Fragoso no hankering for an additional binge fest, however he’s looking back proudly on his accomplishments.’s conversation through Fragoso has actually been edited for length and also clarity.


Alejandro “AJ” Fragoso, left, and Alex Christison, right, after setting the VR party watching record.

How walk you end up attempting a TV-binging world record?

My girlfriend from high school, Tim Williams, manages the PR account because that Cyberlink. I was out drinking through my girlfriend at the time and bumped right into him. He told me exactly how Cyberlink was arranging this civilization record attempt yet didn’t have actually anyone to attempt it and also they had actually two weeks come get everything together. We were like, “We could completely do that!” and he texted me the next day and also he was like, “All right, i told my ceo you and also Molly are up because that it.” By climate it type of felt choose the control was taken the end of my hands.

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What made girlfriend think you could do it?

I have actually a really strange capability to just zone out and also watch something because that a long time. The focusing part I knew I could do. The was yes, really the staying awake part I wasn’t sure about.


Alejandro “AJ” Fragoso throughout his 2016 TV binge-watching marathon.

Were you nervous before the attempt?

When lock told united state we couldn’t look far from the screen—even a glance—or hold any serious conversation when doing it, both of us were nice upset. We almost tried to gain out the it as soon as we found out.

What space your TV watching behavior generally?

I would certainly say typically when Netflix autumn a series I’ll watch rather a little bit of it in ~ once. Ns think the many recent irreversible binge ns did to be the new Stranger Things season. Molly and also I watched that whole thing in a day.

You began hallucinating during the attempt, right? What was the like?

I would liken the to once you take it a hallucinogen. Your thoughts are just not rather right. After day 2 was as soon as things got poor in terms of lack of appetite, incoherent thoughts, the beginning of hallucinations, and also just feeling run down. The one example I still remember is being in the bathroom and looking in ~ the wall and seeing the wrinkle in the repaint morph into a handwritten purchase list. I remember see “eggs” and also “milk” ~ above the wall surface and ns remember thinking, “I recognize that’s not there, however I can see it.”

What taken place after you damaged the record?

I feel absolutely horrible, yet somehow I had the ability to walk around and be semi-functioning. They dubbed us a taxi. Ns don’t remember much about the taxi ride. I believed that as shortly as us got earlier home I’d autumn asleep before my head struggle the pillow. However I was simply so wired in ~ that point it took a while because that my mind to shut down.

When did the chance for the VR party come about?

It was about a year after. Tim involved me and said, “CyberLink wants to do another of these things. Have the right to you carry out it?” i thought, “Sure, 50 hrs is nothing next to 94. Let’s perform it.”

What would make you desire to carry out something favor that again?

VR is a yes, really cool technology and I type of take it pride in the reality that I could maybe be component of the movement to rise its adoption.

Was there a moment throughout either document attempt as soon as you assumed of quitting?

Yeah. As soon as Molly to be disqualified top top day three of the TV record attempt, at that point there was one more 24 hours to go, which just seemed impossible. Ns wasn’t certain I’d have the ability to do it.

What maintained you going?

I don’t know. Ns was kind of on autopilot in ~ the time. I figured I’d done it three days, for this reason I could do one more one. A lot of of human being took a many time and also effort to placed the things together, and Molly and I had put a lot in to continue to be awake. Come throw the all far at that allude would have been devastating.

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Would girlfriend do an additional record attempt?

I claimed I wouldn’t after the TV one and then a year later on I finished up law the VR thing. They refer to those species of records as endurance records. I’d say ns really wouldn’t desire to do one more endurance record. I think really pushing myself, testing my will power and also doing off-the-wall points that civilization think space outrageous is something i’m interested in, but I really wouldn’t like to do something that has actually me continuing to be awake for too long.