What happens in Vegas, remains in Vegas–especially as soon as it comes to entertainment. The area has end up being a second home to some of the world’s brightest talent together they participate in a coveted residency present along the famed Las vegas strip. The current crop of upstream resident performers room truly top-notch and can make even the most far-off traveler hop a plane to the Nevada desert to record a show. Below are the top Vegas residency reflects of 2017.

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Britney Spears—The Axis at earth Hollywood


The Princess that Pop proceeds her regime as Vegas aristocracy with she residency display Britney: piece of Me, which has been a clip of The Axis at planet Hollywood because 2013. The spectacle is exactly what you’d expect out of las vegas entertainment: glitz and also glam everywhere you look, native the costumes and choreography to the effects and also club-like atmosphere. The overall appeal that the show is impressive sufficient to make you forget about the well known lip-syncing allegations often connected with the “Toxic” singer. Spears is at this time in the midst of her second leg of shows this year through April 8. She returns may 3-20 and also then respectable 9 through September 2 for last leg that 2017. Browser tickets here.

Celine Dion—Caesars royal residence Colosseum


Global superstar and also powerhouse vocalist Celine Dion has come to be a clip of vegas entertainment due to the fact that her present Celine very first began to run in 2011. Over two million civilization have flocked to Caesars palace Colosseum since to watch the Canadian singer carry out her best hits, make her among the most famous and rewarding Vegas acts since Elvis Presley. A veteran show with one of the world’s most beautiful voices, Dion makes her present worth every penny. She has two legs staying this year and will do April 4-22 and May 9 through June 3.

Backstreet Boys—The Axis at earth Hollywood


Backstreet’s back, alright! In their first Vegas residency gig titled Backstreet Boys: bigger Than Life, BSB perform some of their many recent material, despite the show’s energy is propelled through their greatest hits the the mid- to late-90s. V plenty of faithful fans among the millennial generation and a renewal on mainstream radio through their Florida Georgia Line participation “God, her Mama, and also Me,” the young band has found even much more success through their las vegas engagement. Backstreet Boys: bigger Than Life will be in ~ The Axis at earth Hollywood because that two much more legs: April 12-28 and also June 14-July.

Elton John—Caesars palace Colosseum


Grammy, Tony, and also Oscar winner Elton man is now in his 6th year of residency in ~ Caesars palace Colosseum for his concert experience, Elton John: The Million dollar Piano. The brother rocker performs his many memorable tunes like “Tiny Dancer,” “Your Song,” “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” and “Circle the Life” in the acclaimed gig the was recorded and released together a concert movie in 2012. John continues to be at the theater for one more leg, running April 25 through may 5.

Santana—House the Blues

Carlos Santana and firm will rock the home of Blues start May 17-28, after i beg your pardon they tourism venues across the country before returning to home of Blues because that two an ext engagements September 13-24 and November 1-12. The gig marks the reunion of the Grammy-winning band’s standard lineup end 50 years after their formation. Their repertoire easy-listening Latin, rock, and blues access time pair perfectly v the residence of Blues, i beg your pardon is amongst the area’s more intimate live-music venues yet nevertheless just as well-known as significant spaces.

Jennifer Lopez—The Axis at world Hollywood


Hollywood’s most glamorous triple threat puts top top a lively, high-energy power in Jennifer Lopez: every I have actually at world Hollywood’s Axis auditorium. The Shades that Blue actress fuses together her collection dance bangers (“Dance Again,” “On the Floor”), Latin access time (“Quien Sera”) and also throwback guilty pleasures (“Jenny from the Block” “Love Don’t cost a Thing”) in fluid fashion, make this a feel-good concert from begin to finish. Capture J-Lo as soon as she return to the stage might 24 through June 11 and also again September 6 with October 7.

Reba and also Brooks & Dunn—Caesars palace Colosseum

Country music veterans Reba McEntire and also Brooks & Dunn team up for their second co-headlining residency, the very first being in 2015. Fans are in because that a dual dose of pleasure from the “Fancy” singer and “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” duo, who newly reunited after ~ going on hiatus in 2010. They will certainly be performing at Caesars palace Colosseum on two occasions: June 21 through July 2 and also November 29 through December 9.

Jeff Dunham—Caesars palace Colosseum


As one of the top ventriloquists/comedians about today, Jeff Dunham is tailor-made for las Vegas. His humor caters come both older and young crowds, and also he is may be to deliver politically not correct jokes without crossing the heat to rotate them offensive. Dunham can carry out laughs alone in a monologue performance, yet he shines brightest when accompanied through his colorful actors of character puppets, like the grumpy elder Walter and effervescent biology Peanut. Record him in ~ Caesars palace Colosseum intermittently indigenous June 16 with July 19 and August 10 v September 13.

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To uncover tickets to all of these shows and more exciting las Vegas events, head come priziv.org.