All park tourists are forced to acquisition a recreational usage pass ~ above entering Zion nationwide Park. Zion participates in the congressionally authorized federal Recreation Lands improvement Act. Under this program, parks keep 80% of all fees collected;the staying 20% will certainly be deposit in a special account come be used in parks where fees space not collected. Funds produced by the fees are supplied to achieve projects the parks have been unable to money through yearly conference allocations. Your Fee Dollars at occupational
Entrance Fees.

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All park visitors are required to acquisition a recreational use pass upon entering Zion nationwide Park. Passes space non-transferable. Credit transaction Cards welcomed at every fee repertoire areas.

Weekly PassesWeekly passes are non-transferable and also are valid because that 7 consecutive days consisting of the date of purchase. Weekly passes might be upgraded to yearly passes within 7 job of purchase.Private Vehicle: $35. Valid for 7 days.Admits private, non-commercial vehicle (15 passenger volume or less) and all occupants to Zion national Park, including both the Zion Canyon and also Kolob Canyon areas.Motorcycle: $30. Valid for 7 days.Admits one non-commercial motorcycle to Zion nationwide Park, including both the Zion Canyon and also Kolob Canyon areas.Per Person: $20. Valid because that 7 days.Admits one individual v no vehicle to Zion national Park, consisting of both the Zion Canyon and Kolob Canyon areas. Frequently used for bicyclists, hikers and also pedestrians. Youth 15 and under are admitted free.Non-Commercial organized Groups: Valid because that 7 days.Organized teams such together Scouts, Rotary, Clubs, Youth Groups, Churches, Reunions, etc. That do not qualify for an scholastic Fee Waiver room charged as follows:$35.00 Non-commercial vehicles v a car capacity the 15 or less.$20.00 per person Non-commercial vehicles through a volume of 16 or greater. Fees will not exceed the advertisement fee for the same-sized vehicle. Youth 15 and under are free. People or family members with any valid annual or life time pass might use their pass for entry at the per person rate. Pass and photo ID should be existing upon entry.
Other obtainable PassesAll of the passes listed below are available at park entrance stations.Annual PassesInteragency yearly Pass - $80.00. Admission to all commonwealth fee locations for one year from day of purchase.Zion annual Pass - $70.00. Join to Zion nationwide Park because that one year from date of purchase.Military annual Pass - Free. active duty army admission come all commonwealth fee locations for one year.Senior yearly Pass - $20.00. Join to all federal fee areas for one year from day of purchase. Lifetime PassesLifetime an elderly Pass - $80.00. admission to all commonwealth fee areas for life, U.S. Citizens 62 years or older.Lifetime accessibility Pass - Free. join to all federal fee locations for life, permanently disabled U.S. CitizensAppreciation PassesFree accessibility for Veterans and also Gold Star households - Beginning on Veterans Day—November 11, 2020—veterans that the U.S. Equipped Forces and also Gold Star households will have totally free access to nationwide parks and other commonwealth lands managed by the department of the Interior. We room all deep indebted to those who have served our nation, specifically the family members of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice because that our country and the department is cursed to expanding them complimentary access to our nation’s most treasured herbal and social resources. A visitor may prove their standing as a veteran or a gold Star dependent by presenting one of the following: room of Defense to know Card; Veteran wellness Identification card (VHIC); Veteran id Card; or Veteran’s designation on a state-issued driver’s patent or identification card.Volunteer Pass - Free.

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admission to all federal fee areas for one year from issue date. Volunteers with over 250 hrs of service are eligible.Learn an ext About yearly PassesAnnual Pass details - SpanishAnnual Pass details - FrenchAnnual Pass information - GermanAnnual Pass details - ItalianAnnual Pass details - JapaneseAnnual Pass details - KoreanAnnual Pass details - Portuguese
Commercial ToursPass is valid because that the day of purchase and the following six days for a automobile carrying the same group of passengers.$35.00+: 1-6 passengers ($35.00 + $20.00 per passenger no to exceed $70.00)$70.00: 7-15 Passengers$80.00: 16-25 Passengers$190.00: 26+ passengers A commercial tour is defined as consist of of one or more persons travel on one itinerary that has been packaged, priced, or offered for recreation or recreational purposes by an organization that realizes financial gain through the delivery of the service. The entry fees of advertising tours room based upon the full capacity of vehicles that can carry seven or an ext passengers regardless of the actual variety of passengers. Possession of an yearly or life time pass or the eras of the passenger does not affect the price charged uneven the vehicle"s capacity is much less than 7 passengers, not included the driver.More advertising Tour info