Legion is including so much pet battle content, you’ll be itching to level up, just so you can do it all. Thankfully, there room 94 brand-new pets to collection so add as countless as you deserve to before taking top top the broken Isles. Note: you only require to finish 30 out of a possible 37 because that the success which rewards the Pocket pets Portal – an item which increases her pet border to 1,500.

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By the moment you reach 110, you have to be friendly v all 5 Legion factions. This permits you to see people Quest content including the three (or occasionally four) random pet challenges each day. A fourth quest may appear depending on your Nightfallen development in Suramar. The difficulty varieties from legend pets, full teams and even a solo tamer fight.

As always, girlfriend can examine out my video clip strats by clicking the title links below, as well as those indigenous the Family Familiar achievement.

Table the Contents


Azsuna SpecimensDefeat or record a Olivetail Hare, Juvenile Scuttleback and a Felspider

Dazed and also Confused and also AdorableDefeat the Murlocs – Allured Tadpole, puzzled Tadpole, put down Tadpole (3x Humanoids)Location: El’dranil Shallows

Help a WhelpScavenging Critters – Hungry Owl (Flying), Hungry Rat (Critter)Location: Ley-Ruins the Zarkhenar

Shipwrecked CaptiveLoot Sternfathom’s Pet newspaper from the chest guarded by Slavehunter Zsanesh. The toy summons the Shipwrecked Captive which supplies you a weekly pet fight quest (see video).Shipwrecked Captive – Scuttles (Aquatic), Clamps (Undead), Klazor the Destroyer (Critter)

Size Doesn’t MatterBlottis (Aquatic boss)Location: Hatecoil Warcamp

The Wine’s unable to do BadVinu (Elemental boss), 2x random backline petsLocation: The shed Orchard

Training with the NightwatchersNightwatcher Merayl – Breezy book (Magic), valuable Spirit (Undead), Delicate Moth (Flying)Location: western finish of the Crumbled Palace


Meet The MawThe Maw (Magic boss)Location: Ash’theron

Dealing with SatyrsXorvasc – Globs (Magic), Trixy (Humanoid), Nightmare Sprout (Elemental)Location: just off the road at Moonrest

Only Pets deserve to Prevent forest FiresFragment of Flame – Cackling Flame, Devouring Blaze, life Coals (3x Elementals)Location:

Training with DurianDurian Strongfruit – sunny (Elemental), root (Elemental), make up (Flying)Location: Emerald Bay – follow the roadway to The Dreamgrove

Stand as much as BulliesThistlefeaf Bully – Thistleleaf Bully (Humanoid boss), 2x arbitrarily backline petsLocation: Lunarwing Shallows

Wildlife ConservationistCapture or loss a Vale Flitter, Simmering Aquafly and also Spring Strider


Fight Night: AmaliaAmalia – Foof (Beast), Stumpers, (Beast), Lil’ Shizzle (Elemental)

Fight Night: Bodhi SunwayverBodhi – Itchy (Aquatic), braided Bird (Flying), Grommet (Humanoid)

Fight Night: HeliosusHeliosus (Elemental) – Peck, Immolate, ConflagurateRise indigenous the Ashes: return to that egg form. ~ 4 turns, the egg hatches earlier to full health.

Fight Night: Rats!Splints Jr. (Critter boss)

Fight Night: sir GalvestonSir Galveston – teacher Murkeston (Humanoid), Coach (Flying), Greatest opponent (Dragonkin)

Fight Night: bland Jr. Jr.Stitches Jr. Jr. (Undead)Iron Thread: bland ignores assaults that do much less than 500 damage.

Fight Night: Tiffany NelsonTiffany Nelson – Jinx (Beast), Rocket (Flying), Marshmallow (Beast)


It’s Illid… WaitLil’idan (Humanoid)Evasion: boosts his chance to dodge assaults by 25%.Location: Shipwreck Cove

Rocko needs a ShaveRocko (S: 300): Only has one capability – pound (see video)Crumble: This pet is immune for 10 turns, till it crumbles apart and also dies.

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Location: top of Lifespring Cavern

Snail Fight!Odrogg – Rocklick, slow-moving Moe, Snot (3x Critters)Location: Stonedark Grotto

Tiny Poacher, tiny AnimalsGrixis Tinypop – Gulp (Aquatic), Egcellent (Critter), Red cable (Mechanical)Location: The Witchwood

Training v BreddaBredda Tenderhide – Lil’ Spirit guide (Undead), Quillino (Magic), Fethyr (Flying)Location: Summitcrest Basecamp

Wildlife defense ForceHungry Icefang – Hungry Icefang (Beast), 2x arbitrarily backline petsLocation: south of Skyhorn


All Pets go To HeavenEnvoy the the Hunt – Harbringer of Death, Herald of light (2x Undead)Location: top Balcony the Skold-Ashil

Beasts that BurdenAndurs – Mini Musken (Beast boss)Rydyr – baby Bjorn (Beast boss)Location: under the hill from the Valdisdall flight path

All Howl, No BiteChromadon (Dragonkin)Magic Scales: Chromadon ignores strikes that do much more than 250 damage.Location: Cove that Nashal

Jarrun’s LadderTrapper Jarrun – Mist Wraith (Undead), Crawdead (Undead), Gnaw (Elemental)Location: Helmouth Shallows

My Beast’s BiddingRobert Craig – Thrugtusk, Wumpas, Baeloth (3x Beasts)Location: Morheim

Oh, OminitronOminitron Defence System – Mini Magmatron (Elemental), Mini Arcanotron (Magic), Mini Electron (Mechanical)Location: Terrace the the Watchers


FlummoxedFlummox (Humanoid boss)Location: Felsoul Hold

Chopped (unlocked indigenous the Blood and Wine storyline)Varenne – Gusteau (Mechanical), Remy (Critter), Dinner (Aquatic)Location: Suramar City

Clear the CatacombsAncient Catacomb Eggs – old Catacomb Spider (Beast), Catacomb Bat (Flying), Catacomb snake (Beast)Location: Kel’balor

Mana TapSurging Mana Crystal – Font the Mana, seeds of Mana, essence of Mana (3x Magic)Location: north of Falanaar

The understand of Pets (unlocked indigenous the Blood and Wine storyline)Aulier – beauty, beauty (Flying), Conviction (Magic) Dignity (Aquatic)Location: The Menagerie, Suramar City

Threads that FateFelsoul Seer – Eye the Inquisition, Eye the Interrogation, Eye of Impetration (3x Magic)Location: Felsoul Hold