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after ~ a season that has actually largely avoided the moment compression difficulties that felled Game of Thrones season seven, “The last of the Starks,” the fourth episode the season eight, abruptly fight the gas and also tried to shove what felt choose three episodes’ precious of story right into one illustration of television. The was practically an hour and also 20 minutes lengthy — so, only about an episode and a 3rd in total — however the in its entirety effect to be mildly chaotic, with a totality bunch of things happening and very couple of of them having actually the emotional weight the Game the Thrones clearly hoped they would.

Sansa would uncover out details in one scene and also be sworn to secrecy, then instantly betray the trust the following time she showed up onscreen. In theory, main passed in between those moments, when Sansa truly had actually to agonize end the mystery she now carried. In practice, the felt like around five minutes.

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The episode’s direction, by David Nutter (“The last of the Starks” to be the last of the nine episodes he is directed because Game of Thrones began), was maybe the finest of the season. Yet the script, by collection creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, to be a mess, making for the weakest episode of the last season so far and also an inauspicious preview of the show’s remaining few hours.

Then again, maybe that’s the point! The fallout from all of these occasions would inevitably be messy and fractious and bloody; maybe Game of Thrones is trying to winter that inevitability via structure storytelling choices.

Okay, yeah, I sort of doubt the too. Right here are 4 winners and also six losers indigenous “The last of the Starks.”

Winner: Aegon “Jon Snow” Targaryen

human being being attracted to Jon. Helen Sloan/HBO If Jon ... Sorry, Aegon ... Actually, execute you mind if I store calling him Jon? force of habit ... Wasn’t gaining the winner’s edit prior to (as I suggested a pair of mainly ago), he sure as hell is now. Although he is displayed little to no real leadership skills beyond gift able to provide a semi-rousing speech, Game of Thrones has gone every in on the idea that Daenerys would be a awful queen and Jon would certainly be a great king, and maybe the truth that he doesn’t want to it is in king is proof of how an excellent he’d be.

I genuinely nothing mind what the show is doing with Dany — much more on the in a second — but the Jon of it every feels favor Benioff and also Weiss acquired their hands on George R.R. Martin’s summary for the last couple of publications in the series, furrowed your brows, and then said, “Wait, Jon?” Game the Thrones has never specifically built increase Jon as a character of good interest, but now the show has all yet given in to depicting him together a symbol of part other, much better world to come once these silly games of thrones room over.

One factor this feel so man-made is since the show keeps informing us how an excellent Jon is, which makes it every the less complicated to doubt what that saying. Because that instance, Varys speak Tyrion in this episode that “people are attracted to ,” and also my initial reaction to that statement was, “They are?”

You can pin this on Kit Harington, whose toughness as an actor (which are considerable!) don’t always run toward “inspiring civilization with his an excellent leadership.” however I think the far an ext on the actual message of the show, which has actually done small to convince united state that Jon has any idea what he is doing past being willing to hazard himself and those that cares around in the name of increasingly idiotic plans.

This is more than likely a repercussion of Game of Thrones’ tough turn towards moment-based spectacle in its last half. Jon have the right to never be illustrated as a master tactician or a excellent leader or anything choose that, since it’s much more exciting to view him snatch victory from the jaws of certain defeat. And that means he i do not care the Westerosi version of the Dillon Panthers native Friday Night Lights — forever winning unlikely victories and also hoping we ignore that he is the key reason those victories to be unlikely in the very first place.

Loser: Daenerys Targaryen

she’s very an excellent at flying roughly on her dragon, though. HBO Dany had a pretty sweet gig going for a while there, right? She’d sail throughout the small Sea with 3 dragons, a full Dothraki army, part Unsullied, and also a totality bunch of various other allies and compatriots. Climate she’d bend the 7 Kingdoms to her will, as effectively the only human being in the game with the unequaled power of a dragon air force.

What’s more, the present she was on proactively celebrated her for her actions. Game the Thrones’ 6th season, which much more or less concluded the series’ second act, ended with several shots that specifically positioned Dany as a savior, forging front to rest the reign of Cersei Lannister, who opened the season six finale at her most evil, blowing increase a bunch of human being in a church. The “Dany is great and Cersei no so much” dichotomy couldn’t have actually been much more clear.

And that rough calculation organized firm throughout most of season seven, too. It’s just in season eight that the present has bring away a hard turn toward, “But what if Dany’s not so great after all!”

To it is in clear, i think this is actually a pretty compelling story turn, in theory. We’ve had plenty of clues over the years the for all of her speeches around breaking the wheel and releasing the enslaved, Dany mostly simply wants strength for herself. And also Varys is appropriate that she inclination toward feeling like she is destined, on part level, to accounting the stole Throne isn’t a good sign that a steady ruler. Game of Thrones has always shown Dany make compromises to keep power, therefore a on slide down into tyranny no that tough to imagine.

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But the present has mostly tried to sell viewers top top this breakthrough in this critical handful of episodes, which provides it feel prefer it come out of i do not have anything far more than it actually has. Because that instance, ns think Jorah’s fatality is claimed to be part of this arc, since he was Dany’s way counsel or whatever, but it merely didn’t play that means at all, because Game the Thrones lost track of their relationship until they were fighting together versus a bunch of wights.

I think turning the last fight for the steel Throne right into a battle between Jon and Dany might be yes, really interesting, conceptually. However Jon is a bland the a character, if Dany’s heel rotate is whiplash-inducing. Nowhere has Game the Thrones’ loss of narrative genuine estate in these last two seasons (which ran seven and also six episodes, respectively, rather of the typical 10) felt much more obvious.