Will yet an additional episode ofGame of Thrones’seventh season — this time, the finale — be unofficially exit to the public before its airdate?


If the hackers who newly contacted Mashable make good on your threat, the answer can well it is in yes.

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The website reports the someone(s) calling us “Mr. Smith Group” listed login information and passwords for numerous HBO social media accounts, including the officialGame the Thrones andWestworldTwitter handles, and warned the premium cabler to “Be all set for acquired S& E6 &E7 as soon as possible.”

Episode 6 — the season’s penultimate hour — did surface online 5 days ahead of that is Aug. 20 broadcast, yet not since of a hack: Spain’s HBO Nordic accidentally made the installment available on-demand because that an hour, which was sufficient time for some to record the episode and post it to sites favor YouTube and Instagram. (The recordings in concern on those communication were at some point removed.)

HBO is no commenting on the newest iteration that the threat, referring everyone rather to a statement released after stolenCurb her Enthusiasm episodes were posted online:

We space not in communication with the hacker and also we’re no going to comment every time a brand-new piece of information is released. It has actually been extensively reported the there to be a cyber event at HBO. The hacker may proceed to fall bits and also pieces of stolen information in an attempt to generate media attention. That’s a video game we’re no going to take part in. Obviously, no agency wants your proprietary information stolen and released ~ above the internet. Transparency with our employees, partners, and the an imaginative talent that works with us has been our emphasis throughout this incident and also will continue to be our focus as we relocate forward. This incident has actually not deterred us from ensuring HBO continues to do what we perform best.

In early on August, illustration 4 was shared on Reddit via a Google Drive link that was eventually taken down. The leak started at the series’ Indian distributor Star India; four human being later to be arrested because that criminal breach that trust and computer-related offenses in link with the leak. All 4 either occupational or worked for Prime emphasis Technologies, a data-management vendor used by Star India.

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Throughout, the leaks have actually not adversely impacted viewership:Episode 4 nabbed an audience the 10.2 million, which briefly stood together the series’ many watched episode until Episode 5, “Eastwatch,”attracted10.72 million viewers.