Switched in ~ Birth ended its five-season run on Tuesday through an eventful 90-minute farewell.

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The last episode that the Peabody-winning household drama ended things through looking ago at just how the series started. It had several flashbacks to once everyone in the Kennish and also Vasquez family members — well, almost everyone — uncovered out the Bay (Vanessa Marano) and also Daphne (Katie Leclerc) had actually been switched at birth. In ~ first, the flashbacks happened due to the fact that Kathryn (Lea Thompson) was feeling nostalgic around Regina (Constance Marie) deciding to move out the the guesthouse. Then, that was due to the fact that Kathryn learned john (D.W. Moffett) had actually known about the switch prior to she did — a fight that escalated and also de-escalated quickly.

Meanwhile, Daphne stood approximately a discriminatory sporting activities surgeon who stated she couldn’t be a surgeon and also be deaf. (And she rejoined with Mingo.) and also despite Travis (Ryan Lane) relocating to Japan to seek a job in baseball, he and also Bay determined to proceed their connection long-distance — permanently squashing any kind of chance of she getting earlier together v Emmett (Sean Berdy).

Regina additionally figured the end her romantic future. In exchange for making Will turn himself in, she offered to progressive his son and wait till he gained out of prison so they can start their life with each other in Kansas City, Kan. And finally, Toby (Lucas Grabeel) determined to ditch his unfulfilling DJ gigs for some kind of task helping those through disabilities.

After prolonged break between seasons four and five —during which time abc Family became Freeform — and a shortened last season, the last episode was greatly one of resolutions, quite than cliff-hangers.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Lizzy Weiss about those finale twists and also turns, the scrapped ending viewers didn’t see and the opportunity of a rebirth down the road.

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You pointed out there was a tag friend shot in ~ the end of season four that might have served as a series finale. Deserve to you talk a little bit about what it was and why you determined not to usage it?

It would have actually felt prefer a dual ending. Ns feel favor the feel of the finishing with the huge wide aerial shooting pulling ago on the family and also that track … the emotions sort of lugged you, and then as soon as we tried putting the tag on it, it stopped the emotions. And also plus, it was a flashback to the hospital through the girls as newborns, and also we actors 22-year-old actresses come play young Kathryn and also young Regina, and it felt favor a disappointed to not finish on the human being that the fans have spent five years with. I hope the network does release it for the fans just in a tweet or a YouTube link because it was cool, however it was something that us didn’t finish up using.

Another huge revelation was that John uncovered out about the switch prior to Kathryn. Had actually that always been a component of the story for you? just how did this twist come about?

To be completely honest, no. Once I pitched the show, ns was really clear that ns planned out that Regina knew and all of the factors why, and also when she discovered out as soon as Daphne was 3 and that she kept it secret, so the was type of baked right into the first season. In preparing because that the series finale, us watched the pilot again, and we zoned in on that scene in the geneticist’s office, wherein Bay and also Kathryn looked crushed and also stunned and also as if their people have just fallen apart. It was honestly just a selection that D.W. Produced John to be the stoic father, however we simply zoomed in and thought, ‘Gosh, it virtually looks like he’s no surprised.’ So just in the funny of the room, we spun off that: us can’t mess v the mythology of Regina. We can’t cancel the whole present in one last episode, however what if he knew a week prior to or two weeks before?

The genuine intention of the John-Kathryn story — no matter what story us told, ns knew that the end result would be, we space revalidating them as the heart and the center of the show in terms of the family, the toughness that is the Kennish home. For this reason we necessary to shake them a tiny and climate remind anyone they will certainly keep obtaining through everything is thrown at them. It just seemed fun to have.

Another big moment in the finale to be Daphne having to deal with the tumultuous discrimination the Dr. Bannon and also her succeeding decision come stand approximately him. Why, in the last episode, did you desire to provide her this obstacle?

We certainly had had actually a pair run-ins with the face of authority who had questioned her. I felt like we really have to raise the comb if we’re walk to carry this increase again. We’re walking to need to do it v someone who’s a lot more blunt around it, and she hasn’t encountered that kind of resistance the much. These type of medical professionals are out there and this sort of arrogance. I always like come raise good questions, and these room fair, reality questions: How precisely would you it is in a surgeon? exactly how would the work? despite he does it in a really gruff, ignorant way, he’s asking inquiries that she’s gained to answer. Well, with technology, well, with an interpreter, well, with a small bit of assist — and we researched, there are all of these tools. That’s component of the message of this show, is that periodically you do have to make accommodations, friend may need to slow down, you may need to use your phone to text, friend may have to learn a few signs, you may have to do points a little differently, and also that’s yes sir in this world. We don’t have to make the mainstream human being the only means to interact or live or have actually jobs. I simply liked raising that one critical time in a yes, really big, potent, loud way.

I have a friend of a friend that was a doctor and got right into a cycle accident and became paraplegic, and also he’s still a doctor. You figure it out; it doesn’t typical it’s easy. That’s always been the article of the show: The world needs to bend a tiny bit and get with the program, yet not everyone’s the same, and that’s OK.


That likewise kind that relates come Toby’s decision to readjust careers in ~ the end. Exactly how did you decide on that finishing for him?

That was constantly the plan, and we to be going to take it a small slower if we had actually had much more episodes. Us were going to kind of move him along, but I think it functioned really nicely to have it it is in an epiphany in the moment. I just loved the idea of this kid transforming his life for this reason profoundly, not simply as a father, however as a person.

One that the greatest surprises in the finale was the Bay and also Emmett ended up no getting back together. Exactly how did you concerned that decision?

Bay and Emmett had actually true love, but it was very first love, and they went with a lot of together, as you do as soon as you’re young. Possibly it’s simply timing, probably things would be different if she had met Emmett at 21 rather of Travis, but they couldn’t shake all of the things that they’d been through. And also secondly, the intention of the second-to-last episode, wherein Bay pushes Travis come tell his mother the truth about what happened, to be purely intended to really show that this pair is the genuine thing. They can weather these type of storms together adults; that’s an adult partnership right there. Emmett to be this lover romantic, who would perform these big romantic points for her, however Travis and she are going through hard stuff and also getting through it.

The intentionally of the montage was yes, really to honor Bay and Emmett because that everyone, for me, not simply for the fans. I love Bay and also Emmett; they were a huge part of the series, and it to be a nod come anyone who’s ever before had a really intense very first love the they thought they would finish up through forever, yet they don’t. When you watch that person, it’s incredibly powerful, and also this is someone that helped specify who you space as a human being being for the remainder of her life, but you walk your different ways. Ns teared up working on the montage; come me, it yes, really takes you back to every one of those moments through Bay and Emmett. I’m rather sure the there room die-hard “Bemmett”fans that will never ever forgive me and will constantly feel favor it was a mistake, yet this is exactly how Bay and also Emmett and also Travis developed over the course of all the things that happened.

Can you pinpoint a details moment in the present where you change from having Bay finish up v Emmett come believing she should end up with Travis?

Just adhering to the fact of the characters and the baggage and also just part realities of act the present with Emmett gift in L.A., and we had to throw Emmett right into a bit of a tailspin, and also it would have actually been tough to gain them back together. I carry out think there is a jerking around of the fans and also the triangle that, at some point, needs to stop. As a fan of my own shows, i don’t choose that either. You need to know as soon as to let go of the triangle and also to make a choice. I think pan get exhausted of that.

Someone else asked me, “If girlfriend had gotten 10 more episodes, perform you think you would have gained Bay and Emmett earlier together?” and I don’t think so. This felt best for where the characters ended up. The truth of the story is, the past five seasons finished with Bay no being may be to walk back; she want to walk forward. Which isn’t come say the Emmett isn’t a huge part of who she is. That will certainly be a controversy, I’m sure, however there’s also a most die-hard Bay and Travis fans. You’re never ever going to win v everyone, and also we to be quite mindful of that.


Regina additionally makes a large move as soon as she moves the end of the guesthouse and also gets ago together through Eric, even though he needs to go to jail first. Why was this the right way to end her story?

I to be so pleased v that twist. Luca to be lovely, however they weren’t really heart mates, and Eric constantly felt like her 2nd soul mate after ~ Angelo. That came with this backstory, us couldn’t unbake the from that Eric was and also why he showed up in she life the means he did, for this reason we had actually to send him off last season, but everyone really wanted Eric to come back in part way, and then we really feel like, “Oh, God, us backed them into a corner.” He has this past, he’s committed this felony, he needs to leave the country. Ns can’t believe Regina would leave her two daughters and also go to an additional country. That didn’t feeling right, even though the was ~ above the table. Then when we come up v this minute of this flashback whereby her mommy says, “Sometimes you have to do the tough thing to get to the ideal place.” … the felt like a an excellent parallel and a an excellent metaphor to have her come increase on her very own with this solution. Phone call Eric, “Do what you acquired to do, face the music, and I will wait for you.” and then, of course, the beauty of her ending up being a mother again, to a boy for the very first time, just felt for this reason sweet, and also it felt favor we were spinning her off into a new family.

In the end, Daphne calls Kathryn and also John mom and also dad, respectively. Why go you desire to incorporate that?

That was in my back pocket. That’s one of the couple of things the I always wanted to conserve for the series finale. I simply felt prefer it would certainly be a really big moment, and I didn’t want to on slide it in casually. It’s a big deal for Kathryn. Kathryn’s a an extremely traditional mom; her identity was a full time mom for numerous years prior to she went back to work, and also I feel favor she’s always been covertly waiting for this moment and wanting it, however never questioning for it due to the fact that she believed it would certainly hurt Regina’s feelings. It was just so an effective for she to listen it. Ns don’t think Bay will certainly ever contact Regina mom. Your relationship always felt a little much more aunt-niece, large sister-little sister; lock just had actually a more facility relationship. Regina’s a small less traditional. … I similar to the distinction between the girls the way.

You had been tweeting a tiny while ago around wanting to probably write personalities from Switched at Birth into your following show, however you weren’t sure about the legality that it. What is the opportunity that we’ll watch Daphne or just or someone else from the SaB world in the future?

What i learned was, it’s a little more complicated. Girlfriend can’t really perform that. Of course I have the right to use the gibbs again, and I fully intend to, but I assumed it would certainly be funny to have actually Daphne or Travis or Emmett popular music up as a cousin come this various other character i created and also link the shows, however I don’t think that’s legal.

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Well, would you be open up to revisiting these personalities in some type of revival down the line? Revivals have become such a big trend in current years.