Inside: perform you have actually swollen feet throughout pregnancy? Learn how to combat that usual problem with these five amazing remedies because that swollen feet during pregnancy!

Erin, writer in ~ Blunders In Babyland, share her favorite tips for reducing swollen feet throughout pregnancy

As beautiful and also momentous as pregnancy deserve to be, the 3rd trimester deserve to be a little bit of a doozy. Not just do you have actually to attend to an aching back and tiny fists punching her bladder, yet your feet swell right into oversized paddles.

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Many women resolve swollen feet during pregnancy.

When i was pregnant, this was, hands-down, the hardest part of the third trimester. Mine swollen feet made it daunting to acquire out that bed in the morning, walk for more than ten minutes, and even stand long sufficient to cook dinner.

If you struggling through swelling too, ns feel because that you. And, as a mommy that’s been there, done that, I deserve to tell you the there are a few remedies that can offer you relief quickly!

Why your Feet are Swollen

Okay, prior to we dive into my favourite remedies because that swollen feet throughout pregnancy, you really should recognize why you’re experiencing this “little” issue.

What you’re suffering is likewise called edema. That a an extremely common problem during the 3rd trimester especially, however you can begin experiencing the as early on as the second trimester.

Basically, together your uterus expands, that adds pressure to the major vein carrying blood to your heart, the vena cava. Without appropriate circulation, every one of this blood will certainly pool approximately your feet and also ankles.

Edema is likewise caused by a buildup of fluids. As your body collects water for her baby’s needs, it has tendency to hoard it anywhere else too.

When to Worry around Swelling

In general, you don’t have to worry about the occasional (or not-so-occasional) instance of swollen feet. However, friend should worry is once it’s accompanied by various other symptoms, favor dizziness, double-vision, headaches, or swollen, itchy hands. These are all symptom of preeclampsia, a much an ext serious condition.

Preeclampsia is fairly rare, however keep these symptoms in psychic so girlfriend can discuss with your medical professional if needed.

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5 Life-Saving Remedies for Swollen Feet during Pregnancy


1 ) take it an Epsom Salt Bath

I learned this cheat from the instructor of one of my favorite virtual birthing classes and also it to be an absolute life-saver. Epsom salt, additionally known together magnesium flakes, can reduce stress, muscle pain, and also swollen feet throughout pregnancy.

Magnesium sulfate is actually used to law preeclampsia, therefore it entirely makes feeling that Epsom salt baths would be a good way to reduce swelling.

You can fully immerse you yourself in the bathtub (just make sure that the not as well hot) or you deserve to simply let your feet soak because that 10-20 minutes.

I did this before bed practically every night and also noticed a substantial improvement.


2 ) limit Sodium, boost Potassium

Too lot salt have the right to increase liquid retention, exasperating her swollen feet. In general, you’ll want to lower your sodium intake.

So prevent potato chips, cheeseburgers, french fries, and also anything rather that has a big amount that low-quality salts.

Instead, you’ll want to emphasis on eating potassium-rich foods such together bananas, lentils, sweet potatoes, and yogurt.

Having claimed that, you need to not nix salt altogether. Salt is an important nutrient needed to keep your blood press levels. The suggest is to avoid low-quality foods items that provide you same low-quality salts and also only use sufficient salt to add flavor.


3 ) Drink lots of Water

When you’re dehydrated, your body has the tendency to hoard water. Drinking more water will progressively take her body the end of survive mode and also increase circulation.

Most doctors recommend drinking about 80 ounces of water a day. And I execute mean simply water, (not juice, milk, or soda).

For me, this was a tall-order. You nothing realize just how much you dislike water until you have to drink 80 oz of the a day! my trick to be to med my water through strawberries, oranges, or cucumbers.

You can also purchase sugar-free smell packets together well, like MiO. Just make certain you double-check with your OB first.


4 ) use Compression Stockings

When you’re enduring from swollen feet during pregnancy, friend really should avoid any kind of constrictive apparel that pressures your blood come pool roughly your feet or ankles. That way tight boots, fishing eye socks, leg-warmers, etc.

Instead, wear belt or knee-high maternity socks. this socks are pregnancy essentials and usually come in both open-toe and also closed-toe varieties, which deserve to be exceptionally handy for hot summer days.

Ideally, you’ll desire to put these stockings on prior to the blood moves down to her ankles and feet.

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5 ) position Your body Correctly

Your goal is to help your body out and increase circulation with your legs however you can.

Exercise, massages, and rubbing a brush over your skin are wonderful remedies, yet how you actually stand, sit, and sleep is incredibly crucial for reduce swollen feet throughout pregnancy.

You may have currently heard the you must limit reclining excessively in the 3rd trimester to avoid breech or posterior fetal positions. Having said that, as soon as you’re suffering from edema, it’s okay to fudge ~ above this a little.

Try elevating your feet over your heart for about 20 minute a day, 2-3 time a day. This was among the most efficient remedies i tried and also it often decreased my swelling within about 10 minutes.

Just make certain you proceed to do your everyday pregnancy exercises and also practice great posture once you’re no elevating her feet.

Sleeping on your left next can likewise dramatically alleviate your swelling.

When friend sleep on her left side, you’re alleviating several of the push from your vena cava. This boosts your blood flow, improves your digestion, and may even encourage her baby into a an ext optimal birthing position.

If you a appropriate side sleeper like me, i loved utilizing a pregnant pillow to aid me remain on track.

Not only can a pregnancy pillow aid you alleviate swelling, yet it deserve to reduce ago pain as well.

If you’re struggling with acquiring much required rest, this pregnancy sleep tips will certainly help!

Reducing Swelling throughout Pregnancy Conclusion

When you’re experiencing from swollen feet throughout the third trimester, life can obtain real tough, real quick. If you take away simply one thing from this article, remember this: rise circulation, reduce fluid retention.

While there are lots of remedies for swollen feet throughout pregnancy on the internet, the ideal ones focus on these two straightforward concepts.

These advice absolutely saved me during my 3rd trimester, and also I expect they administer some much-needed relief for you together well.

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Good luck, Mama!

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