Better could & Magic: Era of Chaos download to computer system via this link and also play in full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and also with the preservation of progress. Simply download the emulator, log in to her Google pat account, download the game in the home window that appears and you will end up being the Wisest.

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Might & Magic Heroes Era of Chao: A overview for Beginners

Introduction to the campaign. The game starts with the main city. ~ above the left side of the key city, football player can pick the "Campaign" mode. In the campaign, players are waiting for endless trials. Devices killed throughout the project cannot be offered in the future. To uncover the key treasure, players collect treasure cards. Prey chests are situated on part levels. Having actually reached the level that the obelisk, a player profit the ideal to choose one that three an abilities to combine his units. Because that example, the capacity to recovery the dead units.

What rewards can I get in the project "Sword and Magic. Heroes"? In the campaign, you can get artifacts, heavenly spell stones and also other rewards. Perform not forget that some rewards need to be received in stores.

Introduction to the watch system. click on "Watch" top top the left side of the map the the key city. Here, players can send units to patrol. It depends on the clock which qualities of the heroes will be improved. The more powerful the losing in the patrol, the greater the boost in characteristics. Players have the right to increase the level that patrol or open brand-new patrol cells for diamonds.

What rewards deserve to I get for perfect the standard stages of the game? In typical stages, you have to complete both story missions and stage trials. Happen the traditional stages, friend get: runes, unit experience, diamonds, tokens of part units and also units, order scrolls, etc. In addition, players can receive rewards for obtaining the maximum number of stars in every chapter and side quests. Rewards contain troop tokens, diamonds, coins, etc.


Home display explanation. The game starts with the main city. Under the main city there room quick access buttons because that such key sections as artifacts, VIP, training, placement, tasks, squads, heroes, equipment, etc. In addition, ~ above the map, football player can choose Campaign, Statue, Altar, Market, Court the Angels and Congress . Part game features are only easily accessible to players who have actually reached a details level. To move the check out of the key city and also select gaming options, swipe left or ideal on the screen.

How to play in gate mode? The video game in Gate setting is split into 3 stages. Top top a day, a player can try to complete each stage twice, receiving miscellaneous rewards because that completing it. With the rise in the player’s level, brand-new challenges will certainly open. The better you cope v the trials, the far better the reward. In the gate mode, you can get coins, unit experience, talent potions and other rewards.

Rules of the Raceway. The final results the the perform are determined daily in ~ 21:00, and the next day, players get rewards by in-game mail. Players receive rewards for improving their documents in the leadership table. This rules can likewise be read on the Rivaliste in the game.

What room the benefits of the VIP device in the video game "Sword and also Magic. Heroes"? In the main city, select VIP. Using ability points in the VIP section, you have the right to improve VIP levels. Having actually invested the maximum number of points in the VIP level, the player receives a brand-new level. Each VIP level provides an possibility to boost the reward got in the game.

I have the right to not enter the game. There may not it is in enough room on your device, or too many applications are running in ~ the very same time. Before starting the game, that is recommended to nearby unused applications to free up storage and space on the device. Examine your internet link status. We recommend utilizing a Wi-Fi link at a an excellent speed.

If the network link works without failures, yet you quiet cannot get in the game, restart the video game or reconnect come the network and shot again. Make certain the latest version is installed. If you room not utilizing the latest version, uninstall the game and download the latest version from the main site.

Might & Magic Heroes Era of Chao: Units


Characteristics of the detachment. The detachment has actually 4 characteristics: ATK, ZSChT, OZ and SKR ATK.

ATK: damage caused by a squad attack. The more powerful the attack, the an ext damage is dealt.PST: protection against all species of damage. The greater the defense, the less damage the unit takes.OZ: health. The higher the health, the greater the chance of survival.SKR ATK: the higher the assault speed, the much more attacks a unit spends end a period of time.

How to obtain units? You can create a new squad using squad tokens. Friend can obtain tokens:

In the Altar: for keys or diamonds, you can purchase unit tokens and also cards.In stores: because that in-game currency, you have the right to purchase unit tokens.In the dungeons: units deserve to be obtained as booty in the dungeons, as well as in chests, together a reward because that participating in unique events, etc.Other methods: carnivals, entry rewards, wishes and also other events.

Use the artifacts. Receive artifacts, and also then combine them. Each artifact has its very own characteristics and a details effect ~ above the units. ~ combining and activating artifacts additionally receive special effects. The high quality of individual artifacts can be improved, in addition, artifacts can be offered to enhance the attributes of prefabricated artifacts.

How to understand the an abilities of units? At the start of the game, all units are white and also have one skill. Each update to blue, purple, and orange rank unlocks brand-new skills.

Pumping units. Improved squad is much stronger than usual. To improve the detachment, four species of materials are required. Materials have the right to be uncovered on levels, in chests, etc. There space 5 types of units (in bespeak of raising quality): white, green, blue, purple and also orange.

How to boost the rank of units? To boost the location of units, collect unit tokens. With increasing rank, the attributes of units increase. You deserve to increase the location by collecting a sufficient number of tokens. ~ activating all 10 stars, the rank of the squad have the right to be increased.

How to rise the level of units? The endure of the units deserve to be derived in a variety of ways: in battle, completing tasks, you have the right to buy it, etc. Utilizing the unit’s experience, you can increase the unit’s level on the Unit - advancement screen. With rise in the level that the squad, its features increase.

Might & Magic Heroes Era of Chao: Heroes


Characteristics that the heroes. Heroes have four characteristics: attack, defense, magic and knowledge. Attributes of heroes directly impact units.

Attack: boosts the ATK of all units.Protection: Increases damage resistance of every units.Magic: rises the damage of the spells the the hero.Knowledge: increases resistance to damage from magic.

The ability of the heroes. Each hero has actually 4 capability cells. Every abilities enhance various characteristics. The power of the heroes depends on the features of the units.

Hero spells. Each hero at the beginning of the game has 4 spells that deserve to be improved with spell scrolls. The better the scroll, the more effective that is.

Pumping heroes. The rank of heroes deserve to be increased likewise to units. With enhancing the location of the hero, his qualities increase. With boosting rank, the hero gains new abilities to strengthen the an abilities of units. The capability of different heroes vary. Do not forget that tokens can be obtained on the Altar, in the chests that dungeons, in the market, etc.

How to place battle formations? Click the "Place" button in the key city to readjust the place of the heroes and also units. Units situated in the center of the display will get in battle. To placed a hero or unit in a battle formation, traction him to the wanted position in the facility of the screen. Strategically competent construction is the an essential to win in battle.

Might & Magic Heroes Era the Chao: Money and also Items


How to get coins? To get coins:

Complete day-to-day quests.Kill more gnomes in the event "Treasure the the gnomes".Complete as plenty of stages that the campaign as possible.Exchange diamonds for gold utilizing the Midas Hand.Complete ordinary and also underground levels.Get coins for entering the game.Get coins in VIP. The greater your title, the an ext coins girlfriend get.

How to obtain squad tokens? Unit tokens can be acquired from statues, in upstream stages, chests, the mysterious Market, Altars, etc. Collect sufficient tokens to create a details unit or increase the rank of the unit. Execute not forget that the tokens can be regarded in the equipment - units section.

Why no recharge work? This can take place for the complying with reasons:

Devices running jailbroken iOS execute not assistance recharge.The many common cause of a recharge error is an turbulent connection and errors in loading account data. The is encourage to connect to a secure network, close other applications ~ above your device and try again by restarting the game.

Game announcement: payment using third-party resources is prohibited. In order because that the game in "Sword and Magic. Heroes: Chaos Era" to stay honest, and in the interests of protecting players and their account information, replenishment the the balance making use of third-party resources is banned by the rules. In situation of revealing the usage of third-party resources giving balance replenishment services, actions will be taken versus the account that violated the rules. Such measures encompass (but room not restricted to):

Removing all in-game money obtained together a an outcome of such replenishment.Temporary or permanent account lockout or various other measures.

Users are strongly advised not to use third-party sources to replenish the balance. Any type of claims related to reimbursement that losses occurs as a result of procedures taken in relationship to the account that violates the rules of the account must be handle to resources and platforms, while the user bears every the associated costs.

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