Wisconsin living! 90 day Fiancé couple Leida Margaretha and also Eric Rosenbrook announced they bought a residence together two years after tie the node in America. 

The season 6 stars common a life update on august 11 in addition to a article celebrating their landmarks as a previously long-distance couple. “Victory come in defending what we understand is right while us still live,” the quote from fictional character Alfred Pennyworth review on her new Instagram post. 

“We’ve been with each other for four years,” Leida, 31, wrote. “We’ve been legally married in United states for two years. After constant busting our asses and working very hard everyday, along with facing trials and tribulations in life, we reaped our reward. We bought a house.”  

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Their strained relationship resulted in Leida obtaining a restraining order against Alari in February 2019. ~ above the bright side, they were able to gain past their distinctions after the restraining order to be dropped. “The restraining order never meant to be forever,” the 31-year-old solely told In Touch in November 2019. 

“I walk that since I had to. I have actually nothing versus Alari. It breaks my love to check out this household had to this way, and also I understand that my husband, Eric, is yes, really and he loves his kids,” she further described at the time. 

“We common the same hobbies, talents, interests, therefore it’s not hard at all,” Leida shared around what lugged them closer with each other post-feud. “And yes, shared interest that cosplay help a lot. Alari has an remarkable talent, also she needs more guidance, an ext support indigenous the family, and more good resources. We simply need to store supporting each other, due to the fact that we’re family.”

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