Main Point: If we want God to answer our prayers, we should pray in Jesus’ surname according come God’s will.

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About the Artist:Jaron Lowenstein is the center of the nation music band dubbed Jaron and also the lengthy Road come Love. He began making music in 2009 and sometimes documents with his identical twin brother, Evan. Joran is far from being country music’s best name, yet in his career, he’s had an album height at the #2 position and also has to be nominated for assorted awards in his musical genre.

Song Lyrics: ns Pray because that You

I haven’t been to church because I don’t psychic whenThings to be going great til they fell apart againSo i listened come the preacher as he told me what come doHe said you can’t walk hatin’ others who have actually done wrong come youSometimes we gain angry yet we should not condemnLet the great Lord carry out his job, you just pray for them

I pray her brakes go the end runnin’ under a hillI pray a flower pot falls from a home window sillAnd knocks friend in the head favor I’d like toI pray your birthday comes and also nobody callsI pray you’re flyin’ high when your engine stallsI pray all your desires never come trueJust understand wherever you are, honey, i pray for you 

I’m really glad I discovered my way to churchCause I’m currently feelin’ better and I say thanks to God because that the wordsYeah, I’m gonna take it the high road and also do what the preacher called me to doYou keep messin’ up, and also I’ll keep prayin’ for you

I pray your tire blows the end at 110I pray friend pass the end drunk with your best friendAnd wake up up through his and also her tattoosI pray her brakes go out runnin’ down a hillI pray a flower pot drops from a home window sillAnd knocks friend in the head like I’d favor toI pray your birthday comes and nobody callsI pray you’re flyin’ high when your engine stallsI pray all your dreams never come trueJust know wherever girlfriend are, near or far

In your house or in your carWherever you are, honey, ns pray for youI pray for you

Introducing the tune – You speak This:I want to play friend a tune from the country music genre entitled “I Pray for You.” it’s by the team Jaron and the long Road come Love…and if girlfriend pay fist to the lyrics of this song, you know it’s gonna it is in a long road come love for this guy! The song picks up appropriate after the recent break up v his girlfriend. That gets part advice from his pastor…but take it a look at at exactly how he puts that advice into action.

The Music Video:

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Hand out Lyrics and Play Song. 

Transition explain – You speak This:OK, so that wasn’t the most theologically exact music video clip of all time…. However I want to display it to you because, whether we’re ready to admit it or not, a most us struggle with unanswered prayers and never establish the reason why is due to the fact that we’re praying prayers the God doesn’t desire to answer. If we desire God to answer our prayers, we have to pray in Jesus’ name according to God’s will. That’s what the scriptures teaches from beginning to end so let’s talk about it.

Divide into small Groups:Let’s walk ahead and split up right into our discussion groups, and then climate we’ll come back together because that a final word.

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Discussion Questions:

AROUND THE CIRLCE: together we get started, let’s every take a second to share our names and our favorite song ideal now.ASK A FEW: OK, I know this no a real scenario, but what were few of the things that Jaron to be praying would take place to his ex?ASK A FEW: What words would certainly you usage to describe Jaron’s “prayer” in this song?ASK A FEW: have you ever before prayed a similar prayer to his? If so, have the right to you briefly share?ASK A FEW: walk God price every prayer us pray? Why or why not?ASK A FEW: have you ever prayed come God about something…and nothing happened? Or worse, the opposite happened? If so, why execute you think the was?ASK A FEW: exactly how do we commonly view prayer…and does God share the view?

Read the adhering to passage:

John 14:12-14 (NIV)

I tell girlfriend the truth, anyone who has belief in me will do what I have actually been doing. He will certainly do also greater things than these, because I to be going to the Father. 13 and I will do whatever you asking in mine name, so the the child may bring glory come the Father. 14 You may ask me for anything in mine name, and also I will execute it.

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ASK SOMEONE: how does Jesus say we need to ask for points from ours Heavenly Father? (Hint: He says it twice in this passage.)ASK A FEW: What go it mean to pray in Jesus’ name? what’s He talk about? (Leaders – This is a vital question because that this discussion. Come pray in Jesus’ name method to pray according to His will. Us are supposed to pray for points that Jesus would want…not necessarily what we want.)ASK A FEW: Praying in Jesus’ name way praying follow to His will…not our will. Why is God an ext willing to answer a prayer that is in line v His will certainly than answering a prayer that is just in line through our will?ASK A FEW: Jesus claimed He would certainly do every little thing we ask in His name so the He could carry glory come His dad in Heaven. Why is it such a large deal to bring glory come God?ASK A FEW: Look back on some current prayers did you do it prayed. To be you asking God for points in order to bring Him glory…or go you have something rather in mind?ASK A FEW: So, go this mean we can’t ever ask God for things for ourselves? Why or why not? (Leaders – No, we can certainly ask God to help us and also in several ways. We simply need to make sure that our larger emphasis is ~ above God obtaining His method instead that us gaining what us want.)ASK A FEW: Overall, how do friend think God feels around your prayers? how do girlfriend know?AROUND THE CIRCLE: carry out you must make some alters in the means you pray? If so, what are they?

Wrap increase – You speak This:I’m happy we had a chance to hang the end together. I hope you took pleasure in the funny tiny song we used to kick begin this discussion on prayer. And I expect you never ever before pray a prayer choose he prayed! 

If i could assist you understand simply one really important reality, it’s that we should pray in the surname of Jesus. A most times we could hear other human being pray some type of prayer and at the end they simply say, “In Jesus’ name, Amen.” I’m not saying that’s a poor thing to do; I’m just not certain that’s what Jesus had actually in mind when He taught us to pray in His name. 

For example, can we pray for something bad to happen to an opponent in Jesus’ name? after all, Jesus loves our enemy, too. Or, have the right to we pray to success the lottery in Jesus’ name so we have the right to buy a nicer car for ourselves, or nicer clothes, or nicer fill-in-the-blank?  

I think what Jesus to be teaching united state is this: praying in His name method praying according to His will. We have to ask God to offer us the things He wants to provide us…and climate we’ll watch a lot more of ours prayers obtain answered. If our prayer is selfish, it’s not in oh my god will. Speak “in Jesus’ name” a million times isn’t going to assist us! If our prayer is vengeful, it’s no in oh my god will. Again, throwing a pair of “in Jesus’ names” at it won’t assist us at all! 

Once we realize what Jesus was teaching us about prayer, we have the right to know just how He wants us to pray. Why don’t we take a few moments to pray silently asking God to present us just how to pray in Jesus’ name and according to His will? Afterwards, okay close united state in prayer. Yet just know, as always, if you desire to talk more about this with one of our adult leaders, we’re constantly ready to help!