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In 1993, Eric Claptonwonbest popular music vocal performancefor histop 10hit “Tears In Heaven” at theGrammy Awards. The tune not only launched his “Unplugged” album to the male ideal Pop Vocal performance slot, it also earned that the document of the Year Award along with Song of the Year. The track was developed for the soundtrack the the 1991 filmRush, around two Texas cops whose drug bust takes an unforeseen turn, but despite showing up there, the track wasn’t written about anything in the movie.

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No, the track was a personal lamentation. It was written about the death of Clapton’s four-year-old son, Conor. The incident can only be thought about a catastrophic accident. Clapton, that resided full-time inLondon, was inNew Yorkwhen the incident happened.Conorand his mother, Lory Del Santo, were likewise inNew York. While v his mommy one day,Conorran previous a recently opened home window in the apartment and fell native the 53rd story window to his death.

For nine months after the incident, Eric Clapton didn’t tour. He invested the whole of the time handling through and also mourning his son’s death. Because of the sensitivity of the subject, plenty of say the it readjusted his songwriting. “Tears in Heaven” marked a new, more introspective side of Clapton than fans heard before. Eric Clapton asked will certainly Jennings, who he admired indigenous working v Steve Winwood, to collaborate ~ above the song. Jennings said Clapton that he assumed the tune was too an individual to it is in co-written, however ultimately agreed. Jennings asserted that it was among the most unique experience of writing songs the he’s had.

The lyrics of the songs ask part deep questions about death. First verse the the songjumps right into the grief Clapton was feeling with, “Would you recognize my name, if I experienced you in heaven”. This one is a genuine tear jerker and also probably has actually literally made plenty of grown men cry. This wasn?t the only song penned in honor of his son. “The Circus has left Town” was likewise written inConor?s remembrance. ?Tears In Heaven? becameEric Clapton?s finest American single.

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It landed at number 2 on Billboard’s warm 100 and also remained because that 26 weeks. It likewise became his best American single, selling an ext than 2,800,000 copies between digital and also physical sales. Rojo Stone detailed ?Tears In Heaven? on their ?500 biggest Songs of every Time” list. In spite of the success, the track was seemingly only meant together a healing catharsis. Claptonannouncedthat the would stop playing the song, together with ?My Father?s Eyes? (performed for first timeon MTVUnplugged) in 2004.