Eric Eremita

Eric Eremtia is ideal known from several HGTV mirrors includingLove it Or list It andBrother Vs Brother,as the stereotypical brand-new York contractor friend wouldn’t want to fight with, especially when he has power tools in his hands. But, Eremita newly made headlines because that being in the hit of his life against COVID-19.

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Earlier this year, he spent three mainly in a brand-new York City hospital, 2 of i m sorry he to be on a ventilator. If he’s exceptionally grateful to be alive, the isn"t resting on his laurels anytime soon. In between his family, assorted businesses consisting of a apparel line calledThirteen, and also selling a new television show, the fact star couldn"t be busier ideal now.

Moving On

There’s no denying the Eremita was an integral part of 2 HGTV shows, also saying everyone at the network to be “like mine family.”

Still, in 2019 he establish he was all set to move onto miscellaneous else. “The renovations to be great. The human being were great. But, I assumed it to be time for my own thing,” he speak me.

Eremita made decision to create his very own reality show, calledHomeboys,which co-stars his apprentice and also friend Conrad Layton. “He"s gained savviness and he"s younger than I am. So, the me reflecting him the ropes, i m sorry he"s really eager come learn.”

The show follows the two men as lock renovate houses of civilization who live in assorted parts that the tri-state area (New York, new Jersey, and Connecticut), not far from whereby the Staten Island native currently resides. When the master love your neighborhoods, they don’t necessarily have the exact same sentiment about their living spaces. The result is much more about loving 보다 listing.

While Homeboys hasn’t uncovered a house quite yet, Eremita has remained in talks with assorted networks. No matter what happens, the is exceptionally proud of this project. “It’s mirroring unity and positivity. We"re walk to do some great renovations and also make friend laugh. There"s no doom and also gloom.”

Surviving Coronavirus

After all, Eremita and also his family members survived one of the most doom and also gloom scenarios anyone can experience right now. Also after waking up and completing treatment for COVID-19, his medical professionals didn’t have high hopes for a complete recovery. “They told me ns would have actually a hard time walking again, yet I confirmed them wrong. And I confirmed the whole instance wrong. The hospital in reality calls me the miracle,” that says.

While nearly entirely recovered, the deeply spiritual Eremita is a changed man that has gained a new appreciation for whatever he has. “Don"t sweat the small stuff. That"s all I"m going come say. And also by that I typical without health, you have nothing. You can obtain the best doctors in the world, however that can"t buy friend health. When you go v something together traumatic as that, you evaluate everything about you. You evaluate the pipeline on the trees and the dog barking. You evaluate it all.”

Eremita feels extremely fortunate especially because many people haven’t been together lucky, in certain Broadway star Nick Cordero and his wife, Amanda Kloots. “I put a memorial increase for she husband since I simply felt the I had actually to. And there room so countless people, Tom Hanks, and also his family. Yet forget about celebrities, what about people all roughly the people that were impacted by this?”

He is at this time trying to organize a fundraiser for families influenced by coronavirus, hoping that various other celebrities will acquire on board v him.

Pandemic renovation Trends

The contractor also knows the pandemic has changed how for this reason many civilization feel around the areas they live. While health is the most crucial thing, Eremita acknowledges that everyone is sick of continuing to be home and also looking in ~ “the same four walls.”

Eremita at work.

Eric Eremita

But when it come to significant renovations, he says proceeding v caution. While HGTV has actually a method of do DIY jobs look easy, reality television isn"t genuine life. Eremita advises homeowners from getting in over your heads. “They begin ripping down walls, lock realize, I require an electrician. I need a plumber. I didn"t recognize there were pipes in the wall. Ns didn"t understand there were hefty duty beams sitting over there.

Eremita claims its perfectly fine for homeowners to paint, download trim or potentially shot their hand at tile work, however he discourages amateurs from attempting any kind of project that might permanently damages their residences or worse. “If you don’t recognize anything about electric work, you have the right to really reason fires, shorts, and things of that nature.”

Plumbing is an additional project that deserve to cause major damage when installed improperly. While changing a faucet or showerhead is miscellaneous many world can carry out on their own, swapping the end a water tank for instance requires skilled help. “Water concerns do no go away. So, don’t try to effort plumbing, if friend don’t know what you doing,” he says.

Another seemingly minor DIY task he discourages is installing wallpaper. It’s far more facility than the looks. “Wallpaper is not basic thing. And also the more expensive the wallpaper, the more you yes, really don"t want to mess it up.”

The Future Of house Design

While the past years have seen a variety of move in regards to style, yes one significant trend the Eremita states isn’t walk away any type of time soon. The open ide home is below to remain with the formal living room top top its method out. The doesn’t even have one in his own home. “When we stated we"re going to build our dream home, us didn"t desire a living room. Therefore the big open concept goes indigenous the kitchen, right into the eat area, right into the family room and also den. It’s open up from end to end,” he says.

Eremita ~ above the job.

Eric Eremita

He also thinks the officially dining room is next to go. “I have actually a official dining room myself and I think in the previous fifteen years I"ve consumed in it twice.”

But huge open kitchens are here to stay. “It"s the heart of the home. The will always be the heart of the home,” he says. Considering most people are spending an ext time with family these days, it’s simple to recognize why. ~ all, no one has a much better appreciation because that his family members right currently than Eremita does.

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