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Not a point to do, yet take a expedition down storage lane! That ’70s Show managed to cultivate some of the many iconic moments in pop culture history. It’s also responsible for catapulting that is younger stars Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Wilmer Valderrama and also Danny Masterson into the spotlight.

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Created through Mark Brazill, Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner, That ’70s Show focused on a group of teens cultivation up in the suburbs the Wisconsin in the 1970s. The ran because that seven periods on Fox indigenous 1998 come 2006.

Debra Jo Rupp, Kurtwood Smith, Don Stark, Tanya Roberts, Lisa Robin Kelly and also Tommy Chong additionally appeared on the series.

had actually no idea what was ahead of us, or if it would also last … but we knew it was gonna it is in fun,” Valderrama reflected via Instagram in respectable 2018, while celebrating the show’s 20-year anniversary. “We spent 8 years and 200 episodes together, we traveled the people … we thrived up together. Us were a family, and also will constantly be.”

Grace, the series lead, and Kutcher both left the collection after 7 seasons. Though josh Meyers stepped in throughout their absence, both actors changed for the collection finale in 2006.

The success the That ’70s Show also led come the relax of That ’80s Show in 2002. The spinoff collection featured Glenn Howerton that It’s constantly Sunny in Philadelphia reputation in the early days of his career. The sitcom was short-lived together it was canceled that year after ~ one season.

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Despite That ’70s Show’s continued popularity today through cable reruns and Netflix streaming, pan shouldn’t intend to see the series revitalized in the exact same fashion as Roseanne and Full House. Grace formerly hinted the the likelihood of the entire cast returning because that a renewal is slim.

“That actors has unable to do on come such exceptional things. Each human individually has had such an excellent success,” he defined to Newsweek in September 2018. “I would certainly absolutely love to perform it to invest time v those guys, however I don’t want to think about it also much. It’d be too fun of one idea, and also I doubt it would certainly happen.”